Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Start of My Swirl

It took me quite a while, rifling through my fabric stash (what of it I can access) and eyeing off the limited fabrics on offer at the op shops (and even considering driving the 50kms to Spotlight to spend money I dont have on more fabric) for me to decide on a Fabric for Sew Retro Rose's Swirl Sew-along. I had this cute retro apple print cotton that I purchased at the Rose Seidler House 50's Fair earlier this year.

However it was in 4 pieces, so I had to check I would be able to fit all my pieces. So I laid all the bits out (laying 2 pieces of fabric on top of each other for the skirt pieces, and folding the others)

And if I shorten the Skirt pieces by 2.5 inches, I would have enough Fabric!

So I made a few adjustments to the pattern that I needed.

then, cut that baby out!

So far on the blog, we have selected fabric, cut out, sewn the darts and added embellishment to the neckline (which I have not done yet) and Pocket 1 (but I'll be doing Pocket 2 I think)
I'm a bit hesitant to add the neckline embellishment yet, as I feel the neckline is way to high for me. When I get a chance to get back into my sewing room, I'll have another look and make a decision.

Apart from (very slowly) working on my Swirl, I have also been making a Hair Flower to go with my Floral Elizabeth Dress. Instead of going out yesterday for the Melbourne cup, my friend and I got into my craft supplies instead. She made some earrings and a cute little dilly bag from lace doilies to go with her steampunk outfit I made her last year. I Gathered strips of lace remnants (in colours from the dress) and sewed them in rounds onto a round base on a headband. I wanted it to be an easy to wear piece, just like the dress, so I though a headband was the best option to just throw on and go. It's almost complete, I just need to find a large blue button, or other blue embellishment for the center (to balance out all the colours)

Also, here is what my Husband has been up to lately...

There is actually more at the side than what is visible in this photo, and still plenty more to go up......

Dixie O'Dare


  1. I love that fabric...and the hair piece..:-)

    1. Thanks Irene! I cant wait to finish the hair piece off so I can wear it :)