Saturday, 8 November 2014

Swirly Progress

So when I left you last, I had only sewed the darts on my swirl dress bodice pieces, but hadnt added any embellishments,  as I wasnt sure about the neckline. I have since cut off around 3cm from it. 

The lowered neckline, excuse the pins marking my bias placement

While still high on me, I think I might leave it at that, as the neckline is quite wide, so if I have it lower, I think I might risk the sleeves falling off my shoulders. So then I added my red bias tape as embellishment (which I picked up for 20c a roll from one of my local op shops, score!)

Op Shop treasure
Corner mitre

The mitres gives the bias this shape

Sewing the bias carefully around the neckline


And then I finally got to putting the bodice together, as per Beccie's instructions on her lastest post on Sew Retro Rose.

Starting with the ties.

Clipping the corner seams

Then the shoulder seams.

The shoulder seam, pinked and pressed

Then the side seams, which are a little unusual as you need to leave a small opening on one side for the tie. I confess, I forgot to do that bit, then just unpicked a section. I haven't top stitched around the opening as yet, because I might have to shorten the bodice a little bit (as I have a high waist)

All pinned up

Then the sleeve hem

1st fold, pressed

2nd fold, pressed

Now I have nearly a whole bodice (minus facings)

excuse the bad night time lighting, I took this last night.

Starting to get really excited about having a new dress!

As well as a few other ongoing projects, I have also decided on making quilted christmas placemats and coasters for my dining table (and maybe enough scraps to make a table runner as well) so that is what im hoping to spend this lovely saturday afternoon working on


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