Monday, 27 October 2014

Addie K's Rylee Dress

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to be selected as a pattern tester for a lovely, quick to sew girl's dress, called the Rylee Dress, by Addie K 

Now as I don't have any children yet, let alone any daughters, I had to borrow my mini-me (aka Bogface Chucklebum) from my bestie to sew the dress for. Good thing she doesn't mind loaning me her children.

This is a photo from over a year ago of Bogface Chucklebum and I at Steamfest in Maitland dressed in co-coordinating outfits (pay no attention to the time stamp, lol)

Such a mini-me, could totally be my daughter or little sister :P

Any way, This pattern calls for 2 coordinating kit fabrics to be used. I searched through my stash of fabric and I just couldn't find inspiration. This is a girl who loves zombies, vampires and all things a little scary, so pastels just weren't going to cut it. So, I headed out Saturday morning to hit the op-shops in town, hoping to find something (the nearest fabric store is a 45min drive away and I'm on a strict budget since getting back from the honeymoon) and....


I found 3m of black Panne Velvet for $5 at Salvos. Absolute score! I figured it would look great with the contrast panel made of some of the glittery black and gold rose knit fabric I had at home.

So then I pinned

And Cut

And Sewed

It still needs hemming, and I'm not decided yet as to whether I'll add some embellishments or not.

With the weather here being so hot, I've checked to forecast for the coolest day this week, and booked in Wednesday afternoon to borrow Bogface for a photoshoot. The results should be pretty awesome. Or Hilarious......

It took me about half an hour to pin, cut and sew to this point, so if you ever needed a new outfit for your little one in a hurry, this is a great pattern. Being to simple allows for so many options! 


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