Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Maternity dress hacked from B6094

Ever since I saw this maternity dress made from vintage Simplicity 3345 on the WeSewRetro blog way back in 2015, I wanted to re-create this pattern for when I eventually needed maternity wear.

As it just so happens, I am now 13 weeks pregnant! (however, I sewed this up some weeks ago when I began showing)

I used Butterick 6094 as the basis for the bodice, bringing the bottom edge of the upper bodice piece up by 4 inches to a point in the centre, replicating that point with the waistband piece as well. The back bodice piece was changed drastically, adding a round neckline and flaring out from the shoulders right down to the hem, although if my fabric was more constrained I could cut the back skirt separately. The front skirt is just a rectangle the width of the fabric, which is cut coming up to a point at the centre, 4 inches higher than the sides. A tie on each side, and a bodice lining is also used. I won't go through the construction, as it is quite simple, but rather, just leave you with some photos of the dress on my mannequin

I unfortunately got a few puckers in the point on the bodice, but didn't bother trying to fix them as I was only sewing this one out of threadbare old sheets as a test of the pattern. I kinda now wish I had, as I have worn this dress numerous times, and the puckers annoy me. I'm also annoyed that I was too lazy to put pockets in this dress, however, it is still a favourite of mine to wear.

I did sew in a short zip at the back of the neckline, but I haven't actually needed to use it, as the flare in the back provides enough room to pull the dress on over my head 

I already have another of these cut out ready to sew, but I have been lacking in motivation lately, as this pregnancy is just making me so darn tired all the time! They say that eases off in the second trimester, so I will hopefully be getting some more maternity sewing done for myself.

Has anyone else made some cute maternity wear? I'd love more suggestions.



  1. This is such wonderful news, and an utterly lovely dress! I deeply regret I was not that much into wearing vintage yet back when I was pregnant with both my kids, otherwise I would have dressed in those amazing vintage maternity dresses all the time. They look way better than the stuff they sell to mamas today. Most make you look very unflattering. So different from yours!

    Hope to see a pic of you wearing it. And all the best for the pregnancy, enjoy this special time!

    1. Thanks Doris, although I must admit, most of the time so far, I have just been wearing stretchy comfy clothes, but at least I know I have some vintage style dresses to wear when I want to make a bit of an effort. I did intend to keep to my vintage style, but I am just too tired to keep up with it most of the time.

  2. I have that pattern but put it aside for this year because of my pregnancy! Maybe reconsidering now. My last three blog posts are on maternity wear I have made if you're interested:

    1. Thanks for your comment, it is so good to find others that are sewing cute maternity wear!