Thursday, 5 May 2016

A Quick outfit of basics

With Me-Made-May upon us, I realised (like many people) I was a bit short of a few basics. As I am going away for 10 days next week, I decided it was really quite vital that I fill some of those gaps before I left. So while I was also working on a much more complex evening gown project which I will share with you later, I also squeezed out some time for a simple pair of pants and loose fitting top.

As it happens, this was perfect to fit in with this month's Social Sew, hosted by Allie from Allie J

For the pants I used my graded up version of Vintage McCalls 9708 (so I'm counting this towards my Vintage Pattern Pledge count) lengthened to full length with a bit of added flair, from just over 2m of some soft grey suiting type fabric that I purchased from an op-shop, and a vintage grey metal zip and little grey button from my stash. Nothing particularly exciting happened with the construction, and I am very happy with the fit, even if the waistband is maybe a tiny bit too snug, and the front a little bit baggy. It is still a pretty big improvement over the fit of pants I have made in the past.

Front view

Not yet hemmed

Back view

Once I had finished the pants, I realised that all my me-made tops are quite fitted and would not work with these pants. I decided I wanted a loose fitting blouse to wear with them. I didn't have to look far in my patterns to find a suitable one. I decided to use Butterick B5859 and sew up the size 22, based on the finished garment measurements, as I wanted it to be loose fitting. I chose a lightweight blue and white striped fabric with a nice drape from my stash, and cut out the pieces I needed. I decided to slightly shorten the bias cut ties, as I didn't want a huge bow on my already plus sized chest.

I followed the pattern instructions for the most part, except for setting in the sleeves, which I like to do before sewing the side seams. It was a very quick sew, and I will probably use the blouse pattern again.

half done, still needs hems and
the tie sewn on

Completed top

What do you think? Perfect to wear while on a cruise or what?

I can no longer take full length mirror selfies, as we have rented out that room, so this is the best I can do for you. I was so excited when I finished it last night I had to try the outfit on to see how it looked, and I tried my best to take a selfie, showing at least some of the pants.

Just before bed last night, I came out to the Dining room to find Tessa had helped herself to my Pink Lined Easter Basket (which I had used earlier in the day to carry some dishes to my grandmother's place) and I just couldn't bring myself to kick her out of it, she was too adorable! At least I can just untie the liner and throw it in the washing machine.



  1. The basics are so vital! I'm discovering this fact after spending all of my time making dresses - they're great, but they're not that versatile when you've given away almost everything else in your wardrobe. Your pants and top are beautiful - the pants are so stylish and retro and I just love the bow on the top.

    Your cat is too adorable. I'm pretty sure they think all baskets belong to them, they just let you use them for other things occasionally.

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

    1. I always fall into the trap of making pretty dresses, it's only because I am going away during Me-Made-May that I have been forced to make sure I have basics like these to wear! I actually found one of my other cats in that same basket last night, so I think it is now definitely a cat basket

  2. i came over from AllieJ and i love your top! Looks great on you. Pants look super but I LOVE that top on you!

    1. Thanks Diana, I really needed an easy to throw on, loose, comfy top, so I think I've now found my go to pattern!