Monday, 23 February 2015

Central Coast Weekend Op-Shop Haul

So my Husband and I probably aren't your regular holiday makers. When we go somewhere new, we love checking out the local op-shops and antique shops. So when we went away to the Mantra Ettalong Beach, we did a bit of research before hand using to locate all the closest op shops, and attempted to plan the best route between them.

I have to admit, I went a little nuts. I bought a pretty good haul of fabric and patterns. As well as a gorgeous pair of shoes and a couple of books. All of the sewing stuff ranged in price from 50c to $5, so I think I did pretty well.

All the Fabrics!

Pinks, Florals and Polka dots, plus some cute Buttons
The cotton fabric in the middle of the above photo, with the criss cross background and pale pink roses is actually a design for Sheridan (sheets) as the lady working in the shop informed me. Turns out, she used to work for Sheridan. I had a better look at the fabric later, and while it is not a sheet, it is made to make a sheet from, as the selvedge to selvedge width of the fabric is huge, as to make queen/king sized bedding from.

Roll of Elastic, some black vinyl, slinky purple, knit and woven whites

Teddy Bears and a lovely soft Red Fabric, plus a roll
of what I think is Hair Canvas or Buckram to add 
structure to skirt hems, jacket fronts and hats
The Teddy Bear Fabric is actually curtains that have a small rip in them. I thought they would be great Fabric to make children's clothes and items from.

Assorted Patterns
While most of these patterns aren't particularly exciting, and I don't think any are older than 1979, I grabbed most of them because they were either a great basic item and/or the pattern as for Plus sizes. Here are a few of the more interesting:

Glamour Panties? Yes Please
1 of 3 lingerie patterns I purchased. I would love to get into more underwear sewing, to have a completely me-made wardrobe. I thought these "Glamour Panties" were especially cute.

Stylish 80's men

Plus size pattern!
I already have a very similar pattern to the one above, however, this one is in bigger sizes, meaning I wont have to grade up to use it for myself, and for 60c, I can afford to be lazy

The Tie front crop top looks interesting
Yes the shirt and pants on this pattern are pretty gross, but I thought the crop top was cute.

Cute Shirt

Basic style button down, in PLUS SIZES


Perfect 40's/50's style
I tried to resist the urge to buy shoes, I really did. I almost put these back on the shelf as I normally wouldn't pay $10 for second hand shoes. But then I tried them on and glimpsed in a mirror. After that there was no way I wasnt going to get them! They fit perefectly,  and had a reasonably low heel so they could be worn all day, the soles showed hardly any wear, plus they work for both 40's style outfits, as well as 50's. Also, they are RED!!!

The husband found himself a few good buys as well, including star wars books, nintendo 64 games and a Santana record.

All in all, we had a great weekend away exploring a part of the central coast area of NSW, and we came away with some great Bargains. I'm looking forward to using some of the fabric and patterns, and getting to wear my new shoes!



  1. Firstly, I'd just like to apologise if this is a repeat - I can't remember if I posted this comment and it was moderated or if I was interrupted half-way through and forgot to post it!

    You have just demonstrated why op shops are so amazing. Where else could you come home with an assortment of treasures at a bargain price? I absolutely love that fabric with the flowers on the mesh pattern (and I think it was lovely that you received that background knowledge as well - yet another reason why op shops are incredible). It's also good to know my husband and I aren't the only ones who factor in a serious bout of op shopping on any given holiday or daytrip!

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

    1. I haven't seen your comment before now, so I think you must have been interrupted. We love op shopping, and even did some on our honeymoon in York and Munich. It is my favourite source of Fabrics. After closer inspection, the teddy Bear fabric that I thought was curtains, turned out to be Ralph Lauren Sheets! Would've thought? I'm glad to hear other people go op shopping on holiday :)