Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Blues Brothers at the Regal

Well this Friday just past was the cult classic Friday for the month of May at the Regal theater in Birmingham Gardens. As you may remember from my previous posts, I had thrown together a Penguin/Nun costume from fabric in my stash for this very night. To finish it off I bought a wooden ruler for $1 from Big W and the most expensive part of the outfit was a pearl rosary from the Salvos store for $10

And it paid off! I won Best Dressed! Woo Hoo!
That means 2 free tickets for me!

The Penguin and Joliet Jake
Photo By Ali Bracewell
Photo by some random with Ali's camera
The Blues Kids
Photo by Ali Bracewell
George (who runs the Regal) and Frankie the Blues Dog
Photo by Gillian Burgess
Best Dressed Winners
Photo by Gillian Burgess
Photo by Gillian Burgess
Photo by Gillian Burgess
Photo by Gillian Burgess

I'm not really familiar with the movie they have announced for next month's Cult Classic Friday, so hopefully the one for July will be one I know.


PS. Here is a recipe for Orange Whip that The Regal posted on their Facebook page.

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