Friday, 15 May 2015

Me Made May, Week 2

We are now up to the end of the second week of Me-Made May!

I was hoping to have some time this week to sew myself a few things to fill some wardrobe gaps. but alas, I have not had the time. All these extra hours of work have been keeping me pretty busy, plus Mother's day on Sunday, not to mention all the sewing I have been working on for Rachel at Elsie George.

May 8
I was very thankful I had made it to Friday. It had seemed like a very long week at this point. Friday's are cleaning day in my office, so I wanted to wear something that wouldn't mark or stain easily, so I went with my version of Butterick 6582 (reprint of a 1960's pattern) which I made out of a slightly shiny, slightly stretchy, silvery grey fabric with darker grey roses printed on it in almost a watercolour look. I purchased quite a lot of this fabric about 2 or 3 years ago when a local discount store (that had loads of fabric) went out of business, and made this dress for a business trip to Hamilton Island about 2 years ago. The fabric seems quite resilient and doesn't seems to pick up dirt or fluff or anything, but it is a bit sheer, so I wear a slip underneath. I've worn this one for work a few times before, as I feel it has a vintage business look to it. I wear it with black stiletto pumps bought from Vinnies.

Butterick 6582
May 9
Being Saturday, I had a lovely sleep in, but then later in the day my asthma was playing up pretty bad. I was in my pyjamas for most of the day, but did eventually get motivated enough to get dressed. For comfort's sake, I just wore my Maudella blouse and black stretchy 3/4 length pants that I made earlier this year. I wore my matching turban for a little bit, but was getting a bit of a headache from coughing, so I took it off. No outfit photo today, as I was feeling too gross, so here is one from when I made the turban, and wasn't feeling as crappy.

May 10
Mother's day
I thought I might pull out my walkaway dress. Made from Butterick B4790 reprint about 2 years ago from a light strawberry print cotton from Lincraft. Unfortunately I made this before I was as aware of my personal fit issues, and so it is too long in the bodice, and I just haven't had the energy to pull it apart and fix it (unpicking all that bias, urgh) so it has not been worn very much. I might just end up taking it up dodgily at the waistline for a quick fix. In retrospect, I think if I was ever lucky enough to an actual vintage version of this pattern, I think it would fit a lot better. This reprint has been drafted for modern proportions, and that never seems to work for me in patterns. The shoulders are always too large, and the bodices too long. perhaps vintage patterns were drafted for shorter women?

Anyway, the colours of this dress made me think it would be perfect to wear for Mother's day. Luckily I chose to wear a slip underneath, as it was quite blowy, and I might have flashed a few people were it not for the slip. First of all to church, where the service was being run by our church vocal group, then Brunch at Grandma's with my husband, my mum, my uncle, my brother and his fiancée, as well as my grandparents. To try and limit any mess made at their house, mum and I brought ready prepared foods to bring and serve. I decided to go a little fancy and made a delicious Banoffee Pie. Unfortunately there was a bit of family drama during lunch, but I guess that happens in every family, right?

Also, I tried rag curling my hair overnight for the first time. They didn't dry enough over night, so I tried using my vintage lady sunbeam walkabout, and while that helped I probably didn't use it long enough, as a few of the curls still hadn't dried enough. The ones that did work out held their curl for days, but the ones I tried to fix with my curling iron fell out as soon as the wind got to them. I didn't use any product at all, so I was really pleased with how long the rag curls that did work lasted. I will definitely try them again, and work out how to perfect my technique. Unfortunately I didn't have time to take any photos of the results

Later my husband and I went to his parent's place to cook them dinner, and I whipped up a second banoffee pie for dessert.

Apologies I did not get a photo of me wearing my walkaway dress, but here is a photo of it on the hanger, so you can at least see the cutesy fabric I used.

Strawberry Walkaway Dress
May 11
Not a very Exciting day I'm afraid. Trip to the doctors to get my asthma checked, then home to do some sewing. I just wore one of my favourite throw on and go dresses, my Floral Doona Cover Dress made from New Look 6457. This photo is from when I made it back in December.

New Look 6457
May 12
Tuesdays at work is when I update the travel specials on the chalkboard. I have learned not to wear black on chalkboard day. So I went with my current favourite skirt, the Knitty Kitty Skirt! paired of course with my pink shirt made from the Eliza tank pattern from Jo-anne Anderson Studios, pink flats, teal handbag from Elsie George and teal hand knitted cardigan from one of the ladies at church. If I did get any chalk on myself, I certainly couldn't see it on this skirt.

May 13
Nothing too exciting today either. I wore my Navy pants again, but this time paired them with a self drafted yellow shirt, pink flats and yellow hand knitted cardigan also from the same lady from my church. Just another day of work and sewing. It was getting to be quite cold, so I was thankful to have more than just dresses in my me-made wardrobe. Sorry, I didn't get a photo on this day either, and don't have any existing photos of this outfit. I might need to add one at a later date.

May 14
Despite the fact it was super chilly here today, I wore my Kitty Valentine Dress to work today. I wore a slip underneath, as the fabric is very light and it has been a bit windy lately, but unfortunately this made the dress static cling to the slip. But it still looked good and kept me a bit warmer. Naturally accessorised with my red mary jane heels, my vintage red handbag and a skinny red belt. I did manage a quick selfie at Elsie George during my Lunch break, however my new Asthma medication make my hands a bit shakey, so it was difficult to hold my tablet still enough to get a clear focussed photo.

Kitty Valentine Dress
This week I think I did fairly well, apart from remembering to take Outfit photos each day. I did cheat on a few really cold nights and wore my store bought flannel pyjamas, instead of my me-made nightie, and I did wear my teal and yellow cardigans, which aren't me-made, but were hand knitted by the mother of a lady I know through church, so I figured it was still a lot better than wearing store bought.

I am starting to find new combinations of some of my me-made separates, which is cool as it means things are getting more wear. My self drafted yellow shirt was originally made to wear with a Christmas circle skirt I made. I have worn it with other circle skirts, but realising I can also now wear it with my me-made pants gives me more wearable me-made outfits!

While I had hoped to have time to sew a few things to fill a few gaps in my wardrobe, I have not been able to squeeze in any sewing for myself this week. Perhaps by next May I will have filled all those gaps with Me-Mades.


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