Friday, 22 May 2015

Me Made May, Week 3

Wow, Week 3!

May 15
The Ensemble I chose for work this Friday consisted of my self drafted yellow shirt, Resort Skirt (Sewn by me, but you can buy them from Elsie George), me-made petticoat, Teal handbag from Elsie George and chunky Orange sandals that I picked up for $3 from Target. I didn't get an outfit photo, so here is one of the Elsie George Resort Skirt, modeled by the beautiful Brooke!

Elsie George Resort Skirt

May 16
A lazy Saturday around the house, and 2 quick visits the the other side of town to check on a friend's children staffies. As I was going to have dogs jumping all over me, I decided hard wearing pants would be a good idea, and so I went with my Navy Pants, along with a polka dot knit top that I made one night on a whim in less than an hour, soley on my overlocker. It's soft and comfy, but not perfect, so I will probably make it again differently, as I bought about 20m of this fabric from one of my local op shops.

May 17
No-one said I couldn't repeat my outfits during Me-Made-May. So I wore my Border Print Dress for a second day this month, to church. As I was on Morning Tea duty, I took along a cute pink floral apron to wear while serving so I wouldn't spill tea/coffee/jam/chocolate brownie all down my lovely new dress. As usual, my wonderful Grandma made Scones for morning tea, and I whipped up another batch of brownies, the recipe to which you will find linked to this previous post

I'll just re-use this photo again....
Unfortunately when I got home from Church, Matt met me out the front saying he was experiencing severe chest pains and to take him to the hospital. I got him up there quick smart. Luckily it turned out to be nothing, most likely a strained muscle from climbing up ladders and crawling around in the roof cavity to install wires, but after all that time in the emergency department I was regretting wearing heels, and not having a big enough handbag to fit my knitting in (yes I'm still at it)
worn with me-made petticoat, teal handbag and pink heels from payless shoes (I think, I've had them many years)

May 18
Monday I had an appointment in town, so went in a little early and did a little op shopping. I wore my Cupcake skirt and matching self drafted top. I think the fabric came from Lincraft a few years ago. I managed to get about 5m of a navy knit fabric, a bit over 1m of a stripey lilac satin and some very cute sheer curtains with baby animals printed on them, for future use in a possible nursery (for $3 I couldn't leave them behind) Later in the evening we had our CWA meeting, and I changed my top to my self drafted yellow shirt as it was a bit warmer than the cupcake top. It was handicraft night, but we all brought along our own projects and worked o those (mostly knitting and crocheting)
I don't seem to have any photos of this outfit anywhere, and I forgot to take one on the day, but here is a little thumbnail of the fabric I used.

May 19
Crazy hectic day at work. I wore my pleated pink floral dress that I made for Nostalgia fest earlier this year from a 1956 Australian Home Journal Pattern. Worn with me-made petticoat, teal handbag from Elsie George and pink flats from target

But I don't have pink hair anymore
May 20
Pulled out my Floral Elizabeth dress (which features in my first blog post) to wear, despite it being a very light summery dress, and the weather outside that morning being far from summery. Even though it was a cold, dreary, rainy morning, it had all cleared up to a beautiful sunny Autumn day by 11am. We managed to catch up on a few things at work after such a hectic day the day before. Worn with teal handbag from Elsie George and pink flats from Target

May 21
Wore a dress that I made years ago and haven't worn for ages. The fabric is the cutest strawberry and polka dot border print from lincraft, but unfortunately my self drafted bodice was not my best work and gapes at the front of the armholes. I have been meaning to unpick it and remake it for a long time, so it has just hung untouched in my wardrobe. I wore it with a red cardigan, so the armhole problem was covered all day while I was at work. Again, I didn't get an outfit photo, so here is a photo of me wearing this dress in 2012

I liked the truck....

I completely dropped the ball with the Outfit Selfies this week, After successfully making it through 2 weeks of Me-Made-May, I was getting quite confident I was going to make it through the rest of the month fine, so I think I may have become a little bit complacent. All in all, I am still very much enjoying Me-Made-May.


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