Wednesday, 6 May 2015

How to Crochet yourself a Snood - Guest post at Sew Retro Rose

The lovely Beccie over at Sew Retro Rose was nice enough to let me post a Guest post over on her blog. I really wanted to offer a quick and easy tutorial or pattern for a vintage style accessory to her readers (and mine) So after umming and ahhing over a few options, decided on a nice easy Crocheted Snood. While I'm pretty sure Beccie doesn't knit or crochet, I thought it wouldn't hurt to give her readers something different, but still in a very Beccie aesthetic.

For my Full tutorial, head over to Sew Retro Rose


PS. While attempting the arduous task of emailing all 46 photos to Beccie for the Tutorial (in 8 separate emails) My husband and I were watching Big bang theory. Howard walks into his apartment and Bernadette has baked him a big plate of Brownies. That made us both want brownies..... So an hour later I've whipped up a batch using this recipe, which is quite basic, but doesn't include any cooking chocolate, so is a great recipe that uses ingredients most people would have on hand. Great, but perhaps dangerous, for late night cravings..... (but do cook it at least 20mins longer than the recipe says)

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