Thursday, 20 April 2017

Rowany Festival

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I have been a very busy little bee!

This Easter Weekend just past, I attended Rowany Festival, which is the biggest SCA (Medieval re-enactment) event in Australia. There were around 1000-ish attendees, all dressed in medieval garb, some even with period accurate camp set ups. I unfortunately didn't take any photos, as I didn't want to lose or damage my camera, and turned my phone off for most of the event to conserve power. So here are a few photos from other members of my camp.

The Barony of Mordenvale's campsite
Photo by Alexous Ofuri

Watching court, you can see my big bum in the blue plaid,
with 2 other people from my camp
Photo by Nicole Flood

2 of the guys demonstrating some swordplay
Photo by Nicole Flood

Me and Nicole
Photo by Quinn Ortega-Edwards

One of the Artisans building a forge

One of the teams during morning war
Photo by Nicole Flood

I managed to quickly make a houppelande from a doona cover set I picked up second hand for $12 a few days before the event. Most of the cutting out of the pieces I did during some spare time at uni, and a majority of the construction happened during meeting time for the uni SCA group, with only the hem being done at home, and the neckline and belt hooks and eyes being hand stitched on the bus ride to festival.

On the line drying after being washed. There is also a belt in
the same gold flocked brocade.

Bell sleeves and a very full skirt

 With this additional dress, I had 3 complete outfits to wear, which only meant I would have to re-wear 2 of them. My first outfit of course was the one I made for Winterfest last year, the second was one I made for the SCA newcomers event earlier this year and haven't blogged about. It consists of a white chemise, this time made from essentially an over sized T-tunic with a gathered neckline, a bodice/pair of stays made from calico and a brown wool petticoat.

Also on the line drying, and in desperate need of a press.

This does lace fully closed, and the next one I'm working on I
am working on is a bit smaller and shorter in the back

I had a few other items I had started making for festival, but either didn't get finished in time, or I lost interest in them as they weren't turning out as I had hoped. I may or may not get them finished in the future, we'll see I guess.

Other than preparation for festival and the festival itself, I haven't been up to much else apart from University study. I have been trying to limit myself to not sewing anything if I have assessments that need to be done, otherwise I would never get them finished on time. I have started on another Butterick 6167 (yes, another!) in an adorable Cat print quilting cotton from Spotlight. After being away from my sewing machines so many days, I really needed a nice quick sew to feel some accomplishment. It's almost finished, with just the zip and hem to go.

I am already dreaming up plans for garb and camp set up for festival next year, so hopefully I get myself organised during the year and don't leave it til last minute (like I usually do)


Monday, 3 April 2017

I made a Denim Jacket!

Yes, I made a Denim Jacket! Complete with flat felled seams and (mostly) straight top stitching! The pattern I used was the new Kingston Jacket from Mummykins and me. I made a straight XXL (didn't even need to grade out for my hips!) and the pattern goes up to a ladies 5XL, as well as being available in children's sizes as well.

I once again forgot to take progress photos while making this jacket, and while I was using a particularly thick, unruly denim, the thorough instructions, combined with my trusty, ever faithful Janome with a walking foot, made sewing this jacket surprisingly easy! 

Nearly all the seams are flat felled, I used my overlocker for the ones that weren't but this pattern also includes instructions for seams without overlocking. As with any Mummykins and Me pattern, this one is very well set out and explained, so while it may seem intimidating at first, each step is so well explained, it makes it a very manageable sew.

I top stitched in a medium pink, and used a piece of floral fabric leftover from my Madison dress for the under collar.

I also used the optional hanging loop, and I love how handy it is.

So far I have already worn my jacket to University and to a Dixie Chicks concert. It should hopefully fill a gap in my me-made wardrobe of a casual, not-to-warm jacket.

And here's an outtake from the photo shoot, which I'm calling my "bad girl" look.

I'm really looking forward to getting lots of wear out of this jacket over the coming cooler months, and am also considering sewing another one out of a lighter fabric, or perhaps a vinyl bomber style jacket. Who knows......