Friday, 8 May 2015

Me Made May, Week 1

So here is a round up of all my outfits for the first week of Me-Made-May. It certainly is a challenge to remember not to just grab any old thing out of the wardrobe, and actually put even more thought into what I'm wearing.

May 1
I didn't have a chance to take a good photo of the outfit I wore to work today, but it was my Navy Pants and Floral Maudella Blouse, which I accessorized with pink flat shoes from Big W and my favourite handbag at the moment (which you can see in this post) from Elsie George Boutique. Simple, but workplace friendly.

I have just found out I'm going to be working 4 days a week now, instead of 2. While this is great news, it will make it even more difficult to find enough appropriate workwear from my Me-Made clothes. But I'm up for the challenge (or shocking the boss by wearing very bright dresses)

Later in the same day my Husband and I headed to the Regal to see The Blues Brothers on the big screen. We dressed up, and I won best dressed! If you want to read more about the construction of my Penguin Costume read this post. I also quickly whipped up a black tie for my husband and elasticated ties for my friend and her kids.

For a full post about the evening with more photos, go here. To read about the last time we dressed up for a Cult Classic movie at the Regal, read this post.

May 2
Ok so this was a rainy Saturday, after a very late night......
I admit I spent most of the day in bed watching movies (I finally watched Horton hears a who) and catching up on some knitting (I'm still working on that blouse)  and crocheting (Snoods!). As my only Me-Made sleepwear is a light nightie, this has made me realise I should make myself some warmer jammies if I want to stop relying on store bought clothes.

May 3
While I was sorely tempted to spend another day in bed, I got myself up, dressed and to church. I wore a Navy/Indigo Gingham dress that I made some years ago for my day wear for the NSW heat of Miss Pinup Australia. I wore it with a Me-Made petticoat, and a black elastic belt and black wedges, both from op shops.

It was made from this Vintage McCalls Pattern (graded up) which was my first ever vintage pattern that I bought from the Fifties Fair at Rose Seidler House in Sydney.

McCalls 5807

May 4
Mostly spent at home, sewing and cleaning. For ease of changing while I was sewing I wore my Swirl dress. We also went out to dinner at my little brother and his fiance's house. I was tempted to wear the new light pink dress I had just sewn, but realised my swirl would probably be more practical when visiting the house of a mechanic. Whilst I was sewing in my Swirl, I thought it would be really easy to alter the swirl pattern slightly for a perfect vintage style Maternity dress. You know, for when that happens down the track......

 I didn't take an outfit photo of myself, but here is one from when I finished sewing the Swirl dress last year.

Except this time I accessorized with a dark red vintage handbag and the dark red Mary Jane heels I purchased on my valentines weekend away.

May 5
I decided, what the hell! I'm going to wear my new white and pale pink border print dress that I had just finished sewing the day before, to work. My boss did not even raise an eyebrow. I guess after 2 years my wardrobe no longer surprises her. I did get a lovely compliment from a brand rep that visited the office that day though, as well as a few compliments and admiring looks from a few senior citizens when I ducked over to the bank.

I wore this dress with my me-made petticoat (which is not hugely fluffy, so great for this skirt) and some white flatties from an op shop that are almost falling apart, because I couldn't find both pink heels I wanted to wear....

May 6
I thought I might stay with the Pink theme for work and rocked my Pink Roses Skirt and Pink shirt made from a shortened version of the Eliza tank pattern from Jo-Anne Anderson studios to work. Luckily I did manage to find both of the high heels I wanted to wear the day before, then during my lunch break, I managed to pick up the cutest pink flatties from Target for only $7!!

May 7
I really wanted pants to wear to work today, but didn't want to wear my navy Pants twice in one week. A rummage through my wardrobe, and I found these pants. Made from Simplicity 3688 some time ago from a soft cream fabric. I can't recall what size I made, but these are now quite big on me.

I paired these with an old self drafted shirt that doesn't get worn much anymore (due to a stain on the front) and my Capelet from a Decades of Style pattern that we used for Sew Retro Rose's Capelet Sew Along. The outfit was completed with my dark red vintage handbag, and dark red mary jane heels.

With Capelet
Without Capelet
 After work, some friends and I headed out to Bunnings for their Mother's Day Family Night. We figured I have furbabies, so I count as a mum right? There were free scones, smores, popcorn, softdrink, giant jenga and Wreck it Ralph on a big projector screen. The Adults DIY was potting a succulent in a clear pot with decorative coloured pebbles on top. My friends and I added coloured pebbles to the bottom as well, to help drainage within the pot, but I really like the bit of extra brightness it gives.

Mabel wanted to see what it was....
After a week of entirely me-made outfits, I can already see gaps in my me-made wardrobe. While I knew I needed more work wear (but wasn't prepared for my work hours to double) I hadn't even thought about my lack of me-made pyjamas. Hopefully this weekend I will find some time to sew some more work clothes, and maybe even some pyjamas, even though it is a bit hard to justify the effort of making them, when store bought ones are so cheap and easy to come by.


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