Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Passing Storm

So if you're an Australian Resident, chances are you have heard all about the storm that has been going on in NSW for the past few days. I didn't get any photos myself, but I have grabbed a few from facebook to share how the storm has affected me and my family and friends

My Grandparents live about 10kms away in a town called Abermain. The flood waters didn't reach their house, but many weren't so lucky

Flooded road in Abermain

Rail overpass in Abermain
The following photo is of a park with play equipment, BBQ's and public toilets, although you wouldn't know it from the photo....

Chinamens hollow/Peace Park Weston.
photo Skye Tanika Green

And now, some photos of my town....

Most of these are from the center of town

Vincent St Cessnock

Vincent St Cessnock. photo Crystal Maree Nordem
Cessnock. Photo Joel Fitzgibbon
Cessnock. Photo Joel Fitzgibbon
But I also found one that was pretty close to me....

Davidson st, Cessnock. This is about 3 streets away from my
 house. photo Nicola Mizrakisister Wintle

I also thought I'd share a few of the photos from around Newcastle and Maitland...

Edgeworth. photo Simone De Peak

Maitland Toyota, where my brother works
Part of the Hunter Expressway
Photo by Jo Longmore

Falling tree somewhere in Newcastle
There were lots of photos of trees pulling up the
 curb like this from suburbs all over Newcastle

The following are photos my own friend's have been posting about their flood experience

The street behind my friend Jo's House

My Friend Leki's Backyard, during
the peak of the flooding yesterday

My Friend Laura's Backyard this morning,
as the flood waters subside. Kurri Kurri

I tried to embed a video from facebook, of one of the overflowing, flooded drainways, but I can't seem to work it out....

Also, I didn't manage to credit all the photos, so feel free to let me know if I've used one of yours and not given credit.

Our house is opposite a park, which backs onto an open drain. Our street goes over the drain with a little bridge. During the height of the flooding yesterday, that bridge was under almost 2 feet of water, as well as most of the park, so we were worried the flood waters would reach our house. Fortunately for us it did not. Neighbours on the other side of the street were not so lucky.

I've now heard more and more stories of what people have gone through with this storm. Several people have died, and others that got swept away in floodwaters are still missing. I am very thankful that the worst we had was a boggy yard and 6 hours without power. Many of my friend's are only just now getting power back after losing it yesterday morning, but as far as I know they are all safe, if a little worse for wear, and cleaning up flood damage.

Well, I'm off to go watch more Bomb Girls on my laptop, while I sit in bed and work on my knitting.



  1. Stay safe! A work mate of mine went down from brisbane for her sisters wedding in pokolbin yesterday. Apparently it went ahead! Wondering what stories she'll have when she returns.

    1. Gosh! That was very brave! Pokolbin is only a 15min drive from my place, and it was torrential nearly all day yesterday! Hopefully everyone was staying onsite, lol

  2. It looks absolutely surreal, especially since I haven't been anywhere near the news or the internet for the past couple of days, so all this news of storms is coming as a huge shock to me. It's just been rather cold down here, which is always the way: there'll be a bushfire in one state while the neighbouring one suffers an unheard-of snowstorm or something. I'm glad to hear you're safe and I hope the worst of it is well and truly past now.

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

    1. It has past for most of us in my town, but around 65,000 homes are still without power, and some rivers are still rising and isolating other towns. Because we just stayed home the whole time, it was very surreal for us to see some of the photos, especially of the main street in town.