Thursday, 9 April 2015

A Finished Capelet, Unpicking Lace and some more photos from Kurri Nostalgia Festival

Here are the final photos of my completed Capelet! Just to refresh your memory, this Capelet was a Sew-along hosted by the fabulous Beccie from Sew Retro Rose, using this 1930's capelet pattern from Decades of Style. The final round up post with photos of all the participants capelets can be found here.

 I wore mine out to Church on Sunday with my recently made Navy Pants with Moustache lining. My Grandparents attend the same church as me, I've been going for almost 4 years now, and I invited them along a few times, and now they go more regularly than me! My Grandfather recognised it as a Vintage sewing pattern (he thought 40's, but I told him it was 30's) and my Grandma was really impressed when she realised the pants were made with fabric that has absolutely no stretch at all to it. When I got home I then made the Hubby take some photos of me. Not my best photos, but they do the job. To make things even better, the Capelet goes with my dark red shoes I bought a few weeks back, Yay!

Beccie was being a bit of a smartarse saying I didn't look happy with the outfit in my Photos. I would just like to explain, that by this point the sun had come out after raining all weekend, so I had sun in my eyes, and squishy ground underfoot while wearing high heels. So there!!

It looks pretty nice left open

But makes me look really busty when done up

I was looking down, because Princey was about
to photobomb

You can just see his tail in the bottom right

Later Sunday afternoon, I decided to whip up something quick and easy, so I made this Polka dot top out of some cream and black polka dot knit that I picked up from one of my local op shops. It is put together completely on my overlocker

I also got some more work done on my Castaway to Couture Entry. It sure took a long time to unpick that whole dress! the lace was sewn down with lots of tiny stitches. While the dress was fully lined, I was a bit surprised with how messy it was on the insides, there was thread everywhere! But then, just imagine my surprise, when as I am unpicking lace (so after I've taken out the zip, the lining and separated the front and back panels) I found a PIN still in the dress! It was embedded in the front panel in some lace, I didn't even see it, but felt something pointy in the lace while unpicking. Just goes to show the quality of the finish on those cheap Asian-made formal dresses on ebay I guess.

While unpicking the dress, I noticed some of the black colouring was coming off onto my fingers, so I thought it might be wise to hand wash all the fabric pieces before I tried to sew them into anything. I still haven't 100% decided on what I'm going to make, I have a few Idea, but I am going to assess how much fabric I have after it all dries.

And Hey Look! I found some Photos of me at the Kurri Kurri Nostalgia Festival on the Cessnock Advertiser Website, so now you can see the full outfit!

Walking in the Best Dressed Parade
Photo by Sage Swinton

Back in my Flat shoes
Photo by Sage Swinton

Mum in my Hell Bunny dress from Elsie George with 2 lovely ladies we met
Photo by Sage Swinton

My Awesome Boss Rachel, her Daughter Sierra
and Josie who also works at Elsie George
Photo by Sage Swinton

That's all for now!


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