Friday, 17 April 2015

New Knitty Kitty Skirt

So I (like all people who sew their own clothes, I think) have a few fabrics in my stash that I know exactly want I want to make from them, but I just haven't gotten around to sewing them yet. One of those was this darling quilting cotton that I purchased from Spotlight some time ago. It features a pale pink background with a print of cats knitting, playing with yarn, wearing scarves, etc and considering my foraying into knitting lately, what could be more suitable?. I bought 2 meters of it, with a definite plan to make a gathered skirt from it. I paired it with some medium pink slinky fabric (perhaps polyester?) that I scored from an op shop, with plans of using that to create a waistband that ties in a big bow at the back of the skirt. And those 2 fabrics have just been sitting in my sewing room cupboard, folded together waiting.

Among my other projects, I have also been trying to make a Hawaiian shirt for my Husband. So far, I have only ever sewn him 2 ties (that match dresses of mine) and I have really been wanting to make him something a little more casual to wear, that he can still match me with (we are a bit odd like that)  But I ran into a few issues with the front button stands, so work on it kinda halted (as I avoided unpicking) and I looked for something quick, easy and hassle free to sew.

And what's more hassle free than a gathered skirt? I think this skirt went together in less than 2 hours. I cut the cat fabric into 3 lengths, sewed them together end to end, then sewed in a zip and a back seam. Ran a gathering stitch around the top and gathered it in to my waist size. I cut the 1m of medium pink fabric in half, joined them together to make one long strip, folded it in half, sewed the ends up, then turned right side out and sewed on to the gathered section at the top of the skirt. All I had to do them was the hem, and it was done!

I have worn it quite a few times since I finished making it, but haven't managed to get any photos. So while I was out op shopping this morning, I snuck in a few quick snaps in a mirror at Vinnies.

You can't see it, but the waistband sash ties in a lovely bow at the back. I wore the skirt with my pink shirt I made earlier this year, Teal bag from Elsie George Boutique and Pink Beret from JayJays. What you also can't see is my pink flats from Big W, and my home made Petticoat (that I made to go with my Floral pleated dress a few weeks ago)

Not much to report from my op shopping today. I bought a mix bag of knitting yarns for $5, 2 sets of kitting needles for 50c each and 2 stitch holders for 50c. I was really happy to have found the stitch holders, as I am almost up the the shoulders of the back piece of the blouse I'm knitting, and I need to put half the stitches on a holder and work each shoulder separately.

See! I've actually managed to stick with it! I might even have it finished by the time Winter starts!

I admit, as I have finally grasped how to follow a knitting pattern, I have gone a little crazy looking for more patterns to make up in the future. I found this great 1930's 3 Hour Sweater pattern that I want to try next. I originally found it through the free pattern links on the VaVoomVintage Blog but after googling "3 hour sweater" I have found the link posted on The Vintage Pattern Files Blog (which recently featured my Free PDF for a Vintage home Journal Frock) as well as finding a knit-along that people did in a forum on Craftster that started back in 2006! As I suspected, it took most knitters much more than 3 hours to complete, but it is still a very quickly knitted sweater, as it uses large gauge needles. I am also hoping to try my hand at knitting a Beret, as well as crocheting a snood (or 5)

Anyone know any good knitting or crochet patterns I should try?



  1. Love the skirt! You pretty much had me at "cats wearing scarves" and it only got better from there. The pink waistband looks fantastic.

    The knitting definitely looks as though it's coming along well, too. I recommend stocking up on stitch holders, because you never know how many you'll need. I made a yoked cardigan earlier this year and ended up needing five stitch holders, which meant I had to hit the op shops to add to the three I already had, foolishly thinking I'd never need more than that. Luckily, they're usually easy to find.

    As for pattern recommendations, I particularly love this crochet scarf: Wrap It Up Scarf. The pattern is reasonably easy to work and it just looks lovely when it's done.

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

    1. Thanks Katie, I have since acquired another stitch holder, which brings me up to three. I don't think I've seen them often at the op-shops, but that could be because I just wasn't looking for them.
      Thanks for the crochet pattern recommendation. I'll put it in my to-do list for Winter :)

  2. You had me at cats wearing scarves too! I love the skirt, and the combination of the two colours.

    I was in Spotlight today and there is no more flamingo fabric. I'm very sad!

    1. I think it is my new favourite Skirt!

      I'm sorry you weren't able to find any of the flamingo print rayon, hopefully spotlight will have it again soon.