Monday, 16 February 2015

The Carefree Weekend Wardrobe

I was going to title this post "Dixie Sews Vintage Casual" but as it has nothing to do with Gertie's book, and I know several of my friends have it and love to sew from it, so I thought it would be too misleading

So as you may know, the Husband and I are going away for a slightly belated Valentines day weekend away this weekend, which just so happens to fall on his birthday as a happy coincidence. Since getting the booking as a Christmas present from my dad, I had been dreaming of the possibility of packing only handmade clothes (excluding underwear) for the entire weekend stay. As this weekend got closer, and I was able to sneak in some extra sewing here and there, my little hopeful dream became more of a reality.

As I wanted to pack reasonably light, for convenience sake and to use my gorgeous Regal suitcase my mum gave me for my birthday last year, I chose to go for more casual, easy-to-wear outfits. I didn't want the bother of petticoats and stockings and the like.

Isn't she Beautiful?

Naturally the first outfit I knew I wanted to pack was the one I made especially for the trip. The Kitty Valentine dress, made from a 1951 Home Journal Pattern, which I will be posting the Free PDF pattern of when I get back next week and have some nicer photos of. The second outfit of course is my Pink Roses Outfit, comprising of a simple pink t-shirt and gathered dirndl skirt made from gorgeous vintage fabric.

Kitty Valentine Dress

The Pink Roses outfit

These outfits I had made well and truly before my deadline, but then I was faced with some fairly busy days/weeks, with most of the sewing I was getting done being for the new Elsie George label. While I enjoy sewing for Rachel, I occasionally had to slip in some sewing for myself, mostly to keep myself sane. I started on my Maudella Blouse quite a few weeks ago, but then it sat half done (neatly in a doculope) Next I decided to trial a Playsuit Pattern, as Rachel had been after one for the brand. I Frankensteined the Bodice from View D of New Look 6457 and the Free Darcy Boxer short Pattern from measure twice cut once. I added a waistband in the middle for extra length and waist definition, and pleated in the fullness from the top of the boxers into the waistband. I made this trial playsuit out of a funky pink and orange 70's floral sheet, and while the pattern definitely needs a bit more tweaking, it has really grown on my and has become a very wearable muslin. I'll be packing this in case I want to frolic at the beach.

Horrid photo
After making up some sample pants for the shop from Burda style 6966, I decided to grab some slightly stripey, slightly stretchy black fabric from my stash (bought from an op-shop for $2) and quickly sewed myself up some 3/4 length pants. While I did have to grade up a little (the pattern comes in sizes 6-16) It was worth it. Once cut out this pattern sews up very quickly, and as I made it out of a stretch, I could leave out the zip and button for an even quicker sew. I found the fit absolutely perfect, and quite flattering. The waist sits evenly the whole way round, and the front stays reasonably flat, even though it has been made with stretch fabric. I have been wanting to make some high waisted pants for some time, and now I think I have found my go to pattern for pants. I finished Sewing these around 10pm at night, so at that point I had no idea what top I would wear with them (however I was rocking them with a plain white singlet tucked in while eating Ice-cream late at night) but then as I lay in bed thinking about sewing (doesn't everyone?) I realised I had a shirt that was halfway done that might work!

Maudella Blouse half Finished with the Burda
Slightly better (but still horrid) photo of the pants,
 they also work ok with my wonder woman top!
So the next day I tried on the half finished Maudella blouse with my new pants, and I liked how it looked. Then I got stuck back in to finishing it up, with a few modifications to my original plans. You can read all about the construction of it here

With that outfit complete and safely tucked into my suitcase (yes, I was packing for weeks beforehand, I was that excited!) I began to think about other items of clothing I might need. As much as I would have loved to have the time to sew a cute set of pyjamas from my vintage Butterick 2198, I decided I probably wouldn't have the time, but realised I already had a cute vintage style Nightie I made for Tiny Angry Crafter's Vintage Pyjama Sew-Along!

Of course, if I could find it (I know it's in the house somewhere) I would love to take my marabou edged robe and slippers that I made some years ago when I competed in Miss Pinup Australia. That way I could swan around the hotel room being fabulous and drinking Champagne!

Lingerie at the Live heats of MPA in
2011, the start of my vintagey pinup journey

As for Accessories, I'll be keeping that pretty simple as well. I'm taking a pair of red flats from Big W, a Pair of white flats from an op shop, a pair of heels (haven't decided which ones yet), my gorgeous floral summer hat (that I got for Christmas from my Boss at Elsie George!) my red bow belt ($10 from Elsie George) to go with my Kitty Valentine Dress, and a string of Pearls that were a present from my Mother-in-law.

And there you have it! The Perfect Vintage Style, Carefree Wardrobe for a Weekend Away.


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