Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Op shop finds

I was super lucky during one of my latest lunch break op shopping adventures to find heaps of mostly Gutermann thread, for only $3 for an assorted bag (I bought 4!)

I also found a few interesting pieces of fabric including the slinky floral, which I used to make a beautiful slip.

I also bought a large print houndstooth fleece type fabric, a few meters of army green jersey, some lovely blue taffeta and a meter of a white crushed velvet.

Over the weekend, I sorted out my existing and new thread spools into 2 colour groupings and put them into 2 glass bowls (as they wouldn't all fit into the 1 anymore) the small bowl is blacks, purples, blues, greens and yellows, the larger bowl contains the whites, beiges, pinks, reds, oranges and browns. While this might not be as practical as a spool rack, I love the way they look, and like digging around to find the perfect colour.

So not a huge haul by any means, but some very useful stuff for a seamstress like me. Anyone else been op-shopping lately?


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