Sunday, 17 July 2016

A Fabulous Floral Slip!

Yesterday, at very short notice, my husband and I drove up to my mum's place to dog sit her great dane cross, Zeek, while she was at work. In the 10 minutes we had to get dressed and get on the road, I grabbed my janome sewing machine, a few patterns and a bag of fabric that I recently purchased from the op shops. I may have left the house wearing my pajamas and a cardigan......

So when I got to my mom's house I had a look at what I had brought with me and chose to use this slinky floral polyeseter that cost me $2, and this pattern Kwik Sew 3395 (which I changed slightly) to make myself a slip.

I had some help from Zeek. I decided to cut the front and back panels on the bias, so my husband took Zeek outside and distracted him so I could cut out on the floor.

I used the pieces for view B of this pattern, but I cut the back bodice piece and skirt piece as one on the bias, and the front midriff and skirt piece as one on the bias, adding approx 12 inches in length. As I didn't have my loop turned with me for the straps, I pulled the top and bottom threads of my machine to a length longer than the straps, and place them within the inside of the folded strap, so that when I had sewed up the edge, I could just pull it through with the thread tail. 

The straps are then sewn inside the cup pieces, which are then turned right side out. I gathered each edge of the outer and lining of each cup separately, so that I could encase the raw edges inside when I attached the front skirt piece. I machine sewed the outer side, then hand sewed the lining down. The back piece was then hemmed at the top edge and french seamed to the front piece at each side. 

I pinned the straps in place at the back where I thought they should sit and tried the slip on. I then shortened the straps by about another inch, then sewed them in place, All that was left to do then was to even up the hemline, turn it up twice, press and stitch in place.

I took these photos today, so excuse the wrinkles from being chucked in a basket, I did press it while sewing it, I swear!

Anyway, I love how it turned out, the only issue is it gapes a little bit at the sides, under the arms, so if I make another, I will make it a little smaller there. Plus there are enough scraps left over that I will probably be able to make a pair of matching panties and bra as well

I can't wait to try it out under a few dresses soon. Has anyone else been sewing slips lately?



  1. It looks great! I haven't been sewing any slips lately, but it's something I'd like to do, so this is the perfect inspiration.

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

    1. While I only wear store bought slips with certain dresses, I have found myself wearing this under nearly any dress I own! It adds a bit of extra warmth to an outfit, means I don't have zips against my skin (the metal irritates my skin) plus it makes me feel that little bit more like Marilyn Monroe :)

      Hope to see you sewing again soon