Sunday, 22 May 2016

Me-Made-May days 9-19

So I've grouped my me-made-May days this way, so that all the outfits I wore during my 10 day cruise away would all the covered in the one post when I got home. I have another, much longer post coming that covers my adventures while away on said cruise.

Day 9
Just as I did for my previous 2 cruises, I again wore my reproduction of the outfit Marilyn Monroe's character Lorelei Lee wears as she is boarding the cruise ship in Gentlemen Prefers Blondes.

I debated whether I should wear it or not, but honestly, the novelty of it will probably never wear off, so I will probably always wear it when boarding every cruise I ever go on.

Here is a photo of me wearing it boarding my first cruise last October.

And a photo of mum and I with a cocktail in each hand not long after we boarded. We were up in the smoking area of deck 12, so it was too windy to keep the stole on.

Day 10
Our first full day at sea, so I wore my new pants and blue and white stripe top that I had made specifically for the trip. I didn't manage to get an outfit shot, so here's a group selfie from that day.

Day 11
Another full day at sea, and the weather was still a little cool, so I wore my Red and Green Simplicity 3107

I put my hair up in curlers halfway through the day so that I would have a bit more curl that evening, and wore my curlers wrapped in a scarf, out to a cocktail class and then afternoon trivia.

Day 12
Spent the Day in Noumea, and I wore my yellow check and red gerbera sundress (which I have not blogged about) over a bikini

In the evening I wore my Silver Butterick 6582

Day 13
Visited Mystery Island, which was mostly beachy with a few markets, so I simply wore my purple sarong over my bikini.

That evening was the P & O White party, so I wore my white "Seven Year Itch" dress which is getting very very snug on me now, I am really going to have to lose a bit of weight if I want to keep wearing this gorgeous thing.

Day 14
Port Vila, another sunny humid location, so I opted for my floral sundress from my sew-along last year.

In the evening I wore my  kitty valentine dress to dinner at one of the ship's specialty restaurants, Angelo's, where I enjoyed a bottle of Chianti, served in a shoe shaped bottle holder.

Day 15
We visited Lifou, so again I wore my yellow check and red gerbera dress over a bikini, although I did very little swimming here.

In the evening I wore my Butterick 5859 made in a kitty print Gertie polyester, with my new grey pants.

Day 16
Isle of Pines, I again wore my floral sundress. At this point I realised I really should have packed more sundresses, but I really didn't mind re-wearing them.

I can't find any photographic proof, but from memory, I think I wore my blue and white stripe top with my black skirt to Dinner at the Waterfront, then the Mix Bar after.

Day 17
Our first sea day on the way back to Australia, so I chose to wear my Pink wrap dress, as the long sleeves are more suited to the ship's air-conditioning, rather than the island sun and humidity.

I just loved these mirrors, wish I could have taken one home!

For Gatsby night, as I don't have anything particularly 1920's in my me-made wardrobe, I packed and wore this sparkly gown that I made to wear to a Miss Pinup Australia event some years ago. It was a last minute plan at the time, so this dress was designed very simply, and is constructed entirely of rectangles. I accessorised it with a faux fur stole, lots of beads, an ostrich feather, 2 pairs of false eyelashes and my attempt at a cupids bow lip. Oh and my sparkly high heels that I bought and wore for my wedding.

Day 18
Another sea day, I wore my Brown check dress during the day, then my kitty Valentine dress that evening. A selfie from that night of me and the fabulous musician that I had been going to see every night for the second half of the cruise. I will tell you more about him in my next post about the cruise.

Day 19
It was a chilly morning when we arrived back in Sydney, so I opted to wear my Brown Check dress again as we disembarked

I was pretty happy with my efforts of only taking and wearing Me-Mades for this cruise, although I did cheat a little and wore store bought bikinis, as I don't have any me-made ones that I am completely happy with. Also, I have so many store bought ones, that it would be a shame not to use them.



  1. I will never get tired of seeing your Marilyn boat boarding ensemble! Pure class and sophistication. Fantastic outfits you have put together for your trip. So many of your own pieces. Well done!

    1. Thanks Christina, it was a bit of a challenge going away during me-made-May, but I'm pretty happy I managed it wearing all me-made clothes, with the exception of underwear, swimwear and the white faux fur stole. I'm glad someone else feels the same about my Marilyn boat boarding ensemble :)

  2. Looks like you had an awesome fun time. The cocktails look goood!

    1. It was pretty fun, and cocktails are always good