Monday, 9 May 2016

Me-Made-May days 1-8

Here's my recap of the first 8 days of my Me-Made-May

Day 1
As the first fell on a Sunday, and I didn't get my butt out of bed in time for church, I ended up spending most of the day in my pyjamas. But luckily they were my adorable kitty print burda pyjamas! I did occasionally try on garments as I sewed them to check for fit as the day went on

Day 2
I don't usually work Mondays (although on this day I did duck in to work to deal with a situation) so I just threw on the first comfortable dress I found. Which happened to be my yellow/orange/pink floral Butterick B6167

Day 3
Today I wore my Silver version of Butterick 6582, that I made a few years ago. It is slightly sheer, so I wear it with a vintage slip, as I still haven't gotten around to making any slips for myself yet.

Photo from last year's Me-Made-May

Day 4
It was a very chilly morning, so I decided to wear my Marilyn Brown Check dress to work (and to a friend's place then my grandparent's place after work) I am absolutely loving this dress, as it looks so classy and put together, but it is stretchy and comfy as well.

Photo from a few weeks ago

Day 5
As I had just finished my new grey trousers and blue stripe blouse the night before I really wanted to wear them to work and give them a good test before taking them to wear on holiday. I am happy to report they survived the day perfectly, and my boss (who is pretty used to my sewing by now) was blown away when I told her I had made the blouse, so that's a good sign. I felt pretty chic in the outfit, and I already planning more of these blouses.

Day 6
I decided to pull out an outfit from my wardrobe that hasn't seen much use lately, and that is my top and skirt made from a vintage Anne Adams dress pattern. I was never 100% happy with the way the neckline sat, and after it was washed the fabric was very wrinkly, so I got lazy and just shoved it in the cupboard.

That evening I squeezed myself into my white "Seven Year Itch" dress for dinner out with my dad.

Day 7
I spent this Saturday mostly sewing up last minute things for my trip away, so I wore an old comfy favourite, although it is a little snug on me now. It is my version of Butterick B6522

Day 8
Mother's Day once again! This year we brought lunch to my Grandma's house for her, and I of course made the dessert, a New York Cheesecake this time. I had just finished sewing another blouse from Butterick B5859 from some of the kitty print polyester in the Gertie range. So I wore it and my grey trousers (which I then chucked in the wash so they would be clean to take with me on the cruise the next day) My grandma liked my blouse so much, she wants one now!

And that is all you'll be hearing from until I return from my cruise! Hopefully I will be able to convince mum to take daily outfit photos of me, so I will be able to share those upon my return!


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