Sunday, 1 May 2016

Me-Made-May '16

As it is now the first day of May (and a very wet one at that) I thought I had better post my Pledge on my own blog, seeing as I was one of the first to sign up on So, Zo.....'s sing up post.

I Dixie O'Dare, of, Sign up to participate in Me-Made-May '16. I pledge to only wear me-made clothes every day for the duration of May 2016

I've had a good start so far by making sure I wore my retro Burda pyjamas to bed last night.

I did eventually get dressed, as I had to run to the supermarket for a few things, but mostly I spent the day in my sewing room, armed with my iron and a spray bottle of diluted vinegar, to work on my latest project.

I am sure a lot of you will be able to recognise what dress I am aiming to reproduce with this pleating, and if not, your only guess is that it is another Marilyn Monroe reproduction. I already have 2 other Marilyn Monroe reproduction outfits sitting half completed in my sewing room, that I did mean to finish before starting on this one. However, once I get an idea in my head to make something this spectacular, I just can't focus on anything else.

So far I have spent a majority of today and yesterday pleating the fabric for the skirt, and while I am further along than when I took this photo, I am still not finished the second side of the skirt (then I will have the fabric for the bodice to pleat as well!) But I am so excited for this dress, and I am sooo happy these pleats seem to be working out pretty well.

Anyone else participating in Me-Made-May (or working on any Marilyn Monroe outfits)?



  1. Wow! those pleats are amazing! I've been participating via instagram for a few years now, I really like doing it like that because its a bit easier :)

    1. That's a good idea, I didn't have instagram last year, so I did it mostly through flickr (and weekly posts here) but flickr is a bit annoying at times. I am sooo excited how good the pleats are turning out!