Friday, 18 September 2015

Grease Sing-along take 2

Due to popular demand, the Regal Cinema is doing more showings of the Grease Sing-along for the October Long Weekend! As my friend's kids missed it last time, we will be going again, this time dressed up as a group!  Our Plan is to recreate the outfits worn by the Pink Ladies (and Danny and Sandy) during the infamous "Summer Nights" musical number.

Ok, ok.... I am having way too much fun playing around with the collages on Polyvore! After I finished this one, I realised Frenchy's shirt is in fact an orange/peach plaid, but you get the idea. As of yet, we do not have anyone to dress up as Jan, but that may change

I am hoping to create a new Frenchy outfit if I have time, if I don't, I can simply wear my beauty school dropout dress again. Her outfit comprises of a Peach/Apricot coloured pencil skirt, orangey plaid button up shirt and apricot chiffon scarf with a white belt, all of which I am hoping to sew myself.

Marty: I have a light pink V neck sweater/shirt to lend my friend, as well as a black elastic belt. I am hoping to find some suitable blue fabric to sew her a skirt, and either find or make a blue scarf.

Sandy: Will wear a regular white button down shirt, and I will hopefully make her a simple yellow circle skirt. Not sure if we will be able to find a yellow cardigan in her size, but I think we can get away without it if necessary.

Rizzo: Either a simple black shirtdress from the opshop, or a black polo/button up shirt, paired with either a black skirt or black pants, with an obligatory belt to cinch in the waist.

Jan: If we find someone to dress as Jan, it should be easy to find a daggy grey jumper, then either buy a plaid skirt from an opshop or sew one up.

Danny: Jeans, white t-shirt and leather jacket (if we can find one in his size)


We are also hoping to make matching personalised Pink Ladies jackets for Frenchy, Marty, Rizzo and Jan (if we find a Jan in time)

Might be a little ambitious, but we will see.....


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