Saturday, 5 September 2015

Grease Sing-along at the Regal Cinema!

As promised, here are some photos from the Grease Sing-along at the Regal last night, all courtesy of Gillian Burgess

George at the Ticket Booth

Some of the lovely ladies who were serving the food
There was a spread of hot dogs, caramel popcorn, chips and root beer floats, as well as a choice of white or red wine.

Jo and George

All the leather heads

George doing his best "tough guy" face

George and the "Sweet Sandy's"

I very almost didn't make it to the screening. My dentist appointment had gotten mixed up, so instead of being on the Wednesday, it was actually the same day as Grease. I was under general anesthetic and had my wisdom teeth, plus a few others, removed only 8 hours earlier. My dentist had said no way would I be able to go out that night, I would be in too much pain, but to my delight, and his surprise, I felt pretty good apart from a sore throat, so I went anyway, and even sung my heart out along with everyone else. I don't think my face was even that swollen. It's now the next day, and while my cheeks feel a little bit more swollen than yesterday, I'm still in no pain apart from my throat and the corners of my lips (I'm guessing from having my mouth stretched open?) Compared to the toothache I had for 3 weeks before, this is nothing!

The last few costumes on stage (pretty much anyone who
didn't come as a Danny or Sandy)

Asking if I made my costume...

All the people who dressed up on stage together

While quite a few Regal Tickets were handed out to some of the best dressed, but it was I who was chosen as the Best Dressed Grand Prize winner! So I got 2 tickets, and I will be getting something special next time I visit!

A few of the Entrants for the Dancing competition

This girl knew the hand jive actions by heart, can you guess
who won the dance comp?
Thanks again Gillian Burgess for all the great photos!

Next Month's cult classic is Animal house (which I confess I haven't seen before) So the Regal is throwing a Toga Party! Later on the same weekend, which also happens to be the October long weekend, they will be having another screening of the Grease Sing-along. As my Friend's kids couldn't make it to this one, we are going to try and make it to the next one, and hopefully I will have time to make matching Pink Ladies jackets for everyone.

Anyone else dressed up for something fun recently?


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