Thursday, 3 September 2015

A Quick Frenchy Costume Update

I'm really thrilled with the progress of my Pink Frenchy Shirtdress, so I just had to show you all!

I was going to try to stitch the "la Coiffure" on the pocket with my sewing machine, but then I was too lazy to re-thread my machine, so I did it by hand, and I'm so glad I did. I love the Results!

Firstly, I practiced how I wanted it to look on a piece of scrap paper (in this case an old envelope) then wrote it carefully and lightly on my fabric in pencil.

With a double strand of regular sewing thread, I went over my pencil lines with teensy weensy back stitches, doing my best to keep those curves nice and fluid looking.

I probably should have used a bit of interfacing or something to stop the wrinkling happening, but a good press fixed most of it. The pocket was then sewn right sides together, turned out, pressed, then sewn to the left side of the bodice.

A quick dorky selfie. Unfortunately the mirror makes the writing backwards

So here it is on the mannequin with a white belt (which sits higher on me) I gave the dress a nice deep hem, so it now sits at my knee-length, and I also folded up the sleeves to give a cute cuff effect. I am glad to say I am getting much better at buttonholes, although they still aren't perfect.

What do you think?


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