Friday, 7 August 2015

Works in Progress

Sorry for not posting much lately guys! I've been busy with work and family, and to top it all off, I got a tooth infection so I've been struck down with horrible tooth pain.

Even so, I have been working on a few things....

The first is my next Vintage Pattern Pledge sew, a Vintage Australian Home Journal pattern, which I think is mid to late 40's. I graded up the pattern some weeks ago, and have almost finished making it up in some cheap panne velvet from Lincraft, in a beautiful forest green, which should look great with my slightly ginger hair (which may be going brighter ginger soon)

The waist seam is pinned, one side seam is
open and it is unhemmed.
When this dress is finished I will be posting a full blog post about it for you all to read about it.

Last weekend we spent some time up at my mum's place so that my Husband could help my brother work on one of his cars, so I brought along my overlocker and backup sewing machine, along with a few fabric, patterns and notions. Despite having severe tooth pain, I made a second version of Butterick B6094 with another Tartan from my stash, this time a lovely green and purple/pink colour, using plain green cotton as the lining/contrast. As I had already made it not long before it went together easily, as I already knew the alterations I had to make to the pattern, and got it very nearly done in just a few hours. At that point I just didn't have the patience for hand sewing the lining or self-covered buttons. I also left the hem until I got home the next day so I could use my invisible hem foot.

I then began on my next dress Butterick B5605 in the morning, however I didn't get very far into the cutting before deciding I was too tired and too sick, so I just packed up my things and went home and tried to get some more sleep (which is not easy with a toothache) Hopefully I will get back to this dress as the weather warms up, as it will be a perfect Spring dress.

During the week I quickly ducked into one of my local op-shops during my lunch break and scored possibly the cutest fabric ever in the form of a $1 Single sheet. It is well loved and the labels have faded to nothing, but while the fabric is a little on the thin side, it has no holes or very worn spots, and the colour is even all over, so it must have been a good quality sheet. I'm not sure what pattern I will use yet, but I can see this made into a lovely lightweight summer dress.

I also snagged a $4 bag of assorted elastics, which are always handy to have

And a $2 bag of fastenings, which I like to grab whenever I see them in op-shops

It had several cards of snap fastenings, hooks and eyes as well as self-cover buttons (which I have been loving lately) so great value for $2!

Anyway, so now you know I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth, and I am still working on a few more sewing projects and scoring great op-shop bargains


P.S. I will be seeing "Stirworz" this Saturday evening, a Star Wars Parody that I have made a costume for my friends' Daughter to wear on stage. Complete Costume Outfit photos to come soon!

P.P.S I just bought a different brand of ginger hair dye, and its looking good so far!

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