Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Completed Cosplay, May the Forks be with you!

We went to see the final showing of Stirworz on Saturday night, but unfortunately weren't allowed to take any photos. Luckily a few were posted to the Facebook page for me to steal and show you here.

So here it is, the whole costume together on stage!

Talking with the Padewans (and androids)
I think we can all agree, that even if you haven't seen the animated series "Star Wars the Clone Wars" you would still look at that costume and think she was a Star Wars Character. I loved how the wig/headdress looked on stage. From a distance you couldn't really tell it was fabric, and much to the delight of my friend, you couldn't see where she smudged the paint.

Wiping Ventress's memory
Unfortunately, we didn't know she would have to wear that cheap brown robe over her costume, if we did we could have left out a lot of details that didn't get seen. Also I probably would've made her a better quality robe, as these ones were quite sheer when the stage lights were on them, and still had the crease marks from being in the packet (even after 5 performances and many dress rehearsals) oh well. At least she will have a nicely detailed costume if she ever wants to dress up as Ahsoka again.

I think this was right before a big fight scene...
As you can see, the sets were really effective, as were most of the costumes (that R2D2 was handmade!) The script was reasonably well written, with a lot of jokes that seemed beyond kids that age (due to parodying movies and characters much older than the kids) but were appreciated by the adult members of the audience. Probably a few too many song and dance numbers that had nothing to do with the story line (and made the production run for over 3 hours) and too many extra's on stage during scenes that didn't need them, which just made the stage look messy. But that's nitpicking. It was a huge production to be undertaken by middle school students.

A Snap from Back stage
I think this is easily the craziest thing I have sewn for a while, time for me to go back to concentrating my efforts on Vintage style frocks and skirts I think.


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