Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A Little Cosplay - Part Two!

Again, this post is a little late, Sorry guys.

So when I left off last, we had a tunic and an unpainted wig/headpiece. Then, with less than 2 days to prepare, I find out she needs her costume finished for Cast Photos (seriously, what kind of school production is this?) So I packed up all the bits I thought I may need, took them to work with me, then headed over to my friend's parents house after work, so that we could all work on the other parts of the costume, and have bogface there to measure whenever we needed her. Just to refresh your memories, we are making a costume for this character:

And our list of things to finish looks like this:
#Paint Headpiece
#Make and attach Beaded strands to headpiece
#Make Belt, Pouch, Loincloth and Belt Buckle
#Make Armbands and Gloves/Cuffs
#Make Boot Spats
#Sew Orange felt diamonds to Leggings

I decided to firstly work on the belt and pouch. I had a corner piece of some rusty red/brown matte vinyl, that with some very careful cutting, I was able to get all the pieces needed out of.

It was all hand sewn together, with a snap fastening to keep it closed.

Felt Diamonds for the leggings

Belt Buckle Pieces
For the belt buckle, we didn't have much that we could use to make look like gold-toned metal, so we decided to keep with the medium I like best, FABRIC!! My Friend's mum found some yellow toned vinyl in her fabric stash (which I think she said was actually leftovers from a project her mother had done) so we cut 2 buckle pieces, one of which I hand stitched snap fastenings for the belt to, then we sandwiched a piece of cardboard in between (with some glue) and I stitched up around the edges, attaching the loin cloth piece as I went (which was just 2 pieces of fabric sewn right sides together, then turned right sides out and pressed) The other side of the snap fasteners were stitched to the end of each belt piece (after we tried it on an trimmed them to size) and that was the belt done! I only hope those snap fasteners are going to be strong enough to withstand her running around.

Ccompleted belt
My friend then glued orange felt diamonds to the grey leggings while her daughter was wearing them, so that the fabric was stretched, and wouldn't distort like if we had glued them on while the leggings were unstretched. This did mean that the leggings kinda got glued to her legs.... but that was easy enough to peel off.

Here's what the tunic, belt and leggings look like together:

Out of the scraps of brown stretch fabric we had, I quickly traced around my own hand and made her fingerless glove thingies. While my hand/arm is much bigger than hers, I didn't add any seam allowance, so it ended up being a good fit for her.

While I had been working on the belt and glove thingies, my friend's mum made the upper arm cuffs. We decided to make these using brown cotton fabric, sewn into strips, which were then sewn together, spaced out, onto strips at either end (that way they would stay even distances away from each other and not slip down) with velcro along the end strips to get them on and off and keep them tight.

Add the Arm bands and Glove/cuff things and you have this (except she had already peeled her leggings off by this point):

Now the reason she didn't wear her wig/headdress is any of these photos is because while we were sewing, my friend had been hard at work painting the blue stripes. She took the stuffing out and had re-stuffed it with scrunched up newspaper while it was being painted (which is why it looks so lumpy)

So at this point I still need to make the boot covers/spats and my friend still needs to paint the front metallic bits along the hairline of the wig. The play is on in only a couple of weeks. Hopefully we get it all done in time



  1. That's awesome! You should make an R2D2 now!

    1. There was a wooden R2D2 made for the play already :P