Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Me Made May, Week 4+

Well I made it through, and here's the proof!

May 22
Wore my version of Butterick 6522, which I made from a lovely floral bed sheet that only cost me $1 from an op-shop. It was a cold dark rainy day, so here is an old selfie from when I was sewing the dress. At this point it had not yet been hemmed, and I was holding the side closed as I had not put in the zip.

May 23
No outfit photo today. I wore my black stretchy 3/4 length pants made from Burda Style 6966 and my off white self drafted shirt, with a brown vinyl bomber jacket bought second hand from Vinnies. Mostly spent the day sewing, then to a friend's place for a birthday drink around an open fire. I wore the bomber jacket specifically as I wore it last time I went camping, so it already smelt like smoke.

May 24
Sunday. As usual, that means church. On this day I chose to wear a pink apple print dress that I made from a Vintage Australian Home Journal pattern, back in 2011. I'm pretty sure the fabric was originally from spotlight, and you can't see in the photo, but I used a complimentary pink gingham on the sleeve cuffs, trim on the pockets and on the matching bag.

May 25
A day of cleaning baking and knitting. For practicality sake, I wore my Swirl dress.

May 26
For work I pulled out a dress that doesn't get worn too much these days. It is a self drafted circle skirted dress, made from the same fabric as my version of Butterick 6582 that I often wear for work and wore during week 2 of me-made-May. I actually made this dress twice, as I had so much fabric (and I still have more) As I made the first one with a zip in the back, then realised the fabric had enough stretch that I didn't need to use the zip. Rather than taking out the zip, I just made another dress. I really don't like unpicking. I have since given the zip version to a friend, which she wore to Kurri Nostalgia Festival earlier this year

May 27
Wore my current favourite outfit again, The Knitty Kitty Skirt and pink shirt. I wore pink flats with the outfit to work, but then after work I picked up the most gorgeous sparkly pink heels from Elsie George, so I wore those with the outfit to a information evening being hosted by a few travel companies later that day. I was the only one, in a room of about 50 travel agents, not wearing black....

May 28
Another day of work. Wore my Navy Pants and pink Floral Maudella blouse.

May 29
So this is pretty terrible.. I can't actually remember what I wore on Friday. I know it was me-made, but I guess my mind has just been so preoccupied with other things, and I forgot to write it down on the day. Oh well, you guys will just have to take my word for it.

May 30
Just because I love it, I wore my new Border Print Dress... Again...
Wore to my brother's place, where I sat and worked on my knitting while watching Mad Men on Netflix, and Matt went out to the shed with my brother to drink beer and talk about manly things.

May 31
I started out the day wearing my Pink Floral Nostalgia Festival dress (Frock 8853 from a 1956 Australian Home Journal) to Church, then later in the day, changed into my newly finished Stripey 3 Hour Sweater and Navy Pants

As great as it was to wear me-made all month, I sure appreciated being able to pull on long pants and a comfy long sleeve knit top today. Second day of Winter, and there was quite a frost!

I will be writing another post soon, on my Me-Made-May conclusions, what I took away from the challenge, what I need to make to complete my wardrobe, etc.


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