Friday, 26 June 2015

A Pineapple full of Tea!

Ok, so this post isn't actually anywhere near as exciting as the title suggests...

But I did make a Pineapple Tea cozy, that I'm pretty proud of. Not bad for my first attempt at a crocheted tea cozy I think.

For the basic Tea Cozy pattern I used this tutorial (with a few changes) hoping the groupings of 3 double crochets would give a slight pineapple skin texture. There are many better patterns out there for novelty pineapple tea cozies, but I wanted to start simple.

The only yellow yarn I could find at home was some old Checkheaton 5 ply wool. I have no idea if wool is a good idea for tea cozies, it probably isn't, as wool can shrink when it gets wet and/or hot. Oh well.

So I began. just like the pattern says to, by making 72 chain stitches, then single crocheting back along that entire chain.

Then there is some drastic decreasing to shape it over the top, as per the pattern instructions. I stopped when I reached the lid handle.

For the leaves at the top, I started out following this pattern, but made it bigger by going around the outer edge again, as well as making one end flat instead of pointed.

I made 6 leaves and joined them to the top, overlapping each leaf at the edges.

Then I used the same pattern to make an apple tea cozy. I followed the base pattern the same way, but instead of finishing when I reached the teapot lid handle, I changed to a dark brown yarn and continued to decrease as I went up, created a stalk for the apple. I then made another leaf the same as the pineapple ones and gathered the flat edge into itself and attached to the base of the stalk.

I have been working on quite a few more Novelty Tea Cozies, which will be for sale Tomorrow (Saturday) at our CWA Winter Tea Rooms event. If your a local to the Hunter Valley, come along to our CWA rooms on Vincent St Cessnock, between 10am and 3pm to enjoy some delicious cakes and a pot of tea, and to peruse all the lovely handmade goodies that will be for sale. All money raised goes towards the many charitable organisations that CWA Supports (such as draught/flood relief funds,  Doctors without Borders, Lyme disease awareness)

I also made a rainbow one

with a coordinating rainbow button

I attempted a cake one as well....
Plus there a a few more....