Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Me-Made-May Conclusions

So Me-Made-May is over (well over, This post is about a week late, Sorry!)

After setting myself the very ambitious challenge/goal of wearing only me-made clothing, I attempted the best I could. I knew there would be gaps that needed to be filled, so some days I didn't have much choice but to cheat and wear store bought items. Those few times have pointed out to me a few things I need to put on my "To Sew" list to have a completely me-made wardrobe. Those things are:

# Warm Pyjamas and maybe a dressing gown
I love how the woman has cinched in her
pyjamas at the waist

# 1 or 2 Cardigans

Maybe a floral one like these from Ebay?

# 1 or 2 Slips
Which I already have this pattern for

# More Pants/Trousers
Perhaps a pair of Overalls?

I'd love to make Gertie's Capris from Butterick B5895

# A Pencil skirt or 2
Maybe one with braces like this collectif one?

Or a few lovely simple ones in many colours

# More plain blouses
Like these

And these....

# Vintage Suit (ok, this is a want, not a need)
Maybe I'll make this one for myself

# A light 50's style bomber jacket

# A Large Overcoat, for the really cold days

Like this Collectif Jacket from Elsie George

I would love to get rid of even more of my store bought clothes (I've already donated 3 large bags full) But obviously there are certain items I would keep, like my coat that I bought in York while on my Honeymoon, as well as most of my 50's reproduction clothes. But the cheapo mass produced shirts and jeans can go, and any clothes that I just don't love to wear, as they aren't worth keeping. I think Clothes should make you feel Fabulous! Even if you are just doing house or yard work. Why wear a baggy shirt and leggings when I could wear a swirl dress or a 40's style cotton blouse with matching dusting cap, and feel so much more glamorous?

I also realised, that what seems like a majority of me me-made wardrobe is Pink. While that is all well and good, I think I need more Red, Black and Leopard print in my wardrobe. 50's bad girl colours maybe? I just felt like I was always wearing pink, and didn't wear my Red lipstick any where near as much as I normally would, as I like wearing Pink Lipstick to match my Pink dresses. This probably comes down to the fact that when I fabric shop, I'm drawn to the pretty floral prints and such, so I will be making more of an effort to get more colours into my me-made wardrobe as well.

Is there anything anyone thinks I may have missed?



  1. So many lovely patterns and inspirations here. Love the floral cardis and the blouses, and I really want to make some Gertie capris too!

  2. Um, way too many gorgeous things! Must. Resist. The. Urge. To. Buy. All. The. Floral. Cardigans.... I've already completely blown my budget and then some this month. Oh well, if you get them I'll be able to swoon over them through your posts instead. ; )

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

    1. Thanks Bonita :) The idea is to make my own cardigans, rather than buy any, but they are super cute, aren't they?