Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Firmoo Eye wear Review

Just a quick post today, reviewing a new pair of glasses from Firmoo

A little while ago, I was lucky enough to win a free pair of glasses through Maria from How Good is that? However I decided my husband was in more need of new glasses than I was, so I entered his prescription instead of my own and let him choose a pair he liked.

This is the style he chose for himself.

The website is quite easy to read, and it categorises the glasses into lots of different categories, so you can narrow your search by only looking at a particular style, gender, colour, width, etc. My husband has quite a large head, so we decided to go for a wide pair of glasses, and they fit him quite well. If you are unsure the size you need, they have a handy chart, where you just need to measure an existing pair of your own glasses and compare.

The delivery was reasonably quick. The longest part of it's journey ended up just being the short distance from the Newcastle Depot to me. TOLL seemed to have difficulty in finding my work address (even though we regularly have stuff delivered through TOLL, and we are located in the centre of town) and they didn't try contacting me to say they hadn't been able to find me (I found out by checking the tracking) but after a sternly worded phone call from me and a few more days, it finally found it's way.

I am now looking forward to ordering myself a pair or 2, as I would love to have a pair of vintage style glasses, and a pair of prescription sunglasses would be very helpful to have.


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