Sunday, 10 April 2016

A Red And Green Simplicity 3107

For my latest make, I decided to finally use the Vintage Simplicity pattern that I received from the Chronically Vintage Secret Santa Gift Exchange.

My Chronically Vintage Secret Santa gift that I received

Simplicity 3107 is a Raglan Sleeve dress with a slim skirt or full skirt option.

To begin with, of course, I had to grade up the pattern. As this pattern was originally for a 38" bust, I only had to go up 3 sizes, which made things easier.

For my fabric choice, I went with a piece of red, green and white flannel that I purchased at an op-shop during the Kurri Kurri Nostalgia festival a few weeks ago for $2.

After cutting out the skirt pieces, I wasn't sure I would have enough fabric for the bodice. However, after shortening the bodice for my short-waistedness, and shortening the sleeves a bit shorter than the short length option from the pattern, I was able to cut all the pieces out, by piecing together the sleeve back pieces and one of the facings. The dress went together quite easily after that, and I changed the closure to a front zip, as I really don't like side zips as they always irritate the skin on my arm, and this dress just seemed to suit a front zip.

Pieced pieces


Trying it on before the zip
Don't worry, I was wearing
pyjamas underneath

After the zip insertion

I attempted to match the pattern as best I could, given that I didn't have much fabric to play with. I am at least pleased with my zip/front seam, as it is not perfect, but still fairly well lined up, and I think the dress looks balanced overall.

Front skirt zip detail

This Dress is my First make for my 2016 Vintage Pattern Pledge. I've pledged to make 10 vintage patterns this year, so I'm off to a bit of a late start. Hopefully I pick up the pace!

No the most flattering angle,
but it shows how well the bodice
fits in the back

I have already begun grading up my next pattern, but as it is a very summery pattern, I may or may not get this sewn up.

I have also decided to participate in the Vintage Suit Sew-Along, although that project will take a few months to complete.


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  1. This is a lovely dress and you did a fantastic job!