Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Newcastle's First Pinup Picnic

Back on Sunday the 6th of December, I attended Newcastle's first Pinup Picnic in the Park!

It was a lovely day full of beautiful women (and a few gents), music, competitions and a best dressed parade. I entered the baking competition with Blueberry muffins, dark chocolate Fudge and chocolate Macarons, and I won! My Prize was a stunning Ice Cream fascinator from Gigi's Retro Closet, my very first Erstwilder Brooch and an Ice Cream from the Ice Cream van that was there on the day.

Find this and other photos on my Instagram!

We were lucky enough to have the lovely Warren from Double Take Photographics taking pictures of all the lovely ladies. Hear are quite a few of his shots:

The girls from Heels for Combat Boots

The dedicated organisers Madelynn and Larissa

Hilary Anne from Gigi's Retro Closet with her other half

Me with my Baking Prizes!

Tee Jayne with her Star Wars dress and matching Boba Fett
The following Photos were from the Best Dressed Parade

This girl's shoes and handbag matched and they
were awesome!

I really struggled walking down that slope in those

And some Scene Shots

All the best dressed and Raffle Winners

Miss Vee Dub winner of Best Dressed

I am really looking forward to the girls making this a yearly event as I really enjoyed it. We even discussed other activities we could offer, such as craft lessons. Larissa mentioned that they thought about doing Crochet, and I mentioned that I actually had my Crochet in the car. It was the end of the picnic by this point, but it looks like I might be teaching everyone to make little crocheted Christmas Trees next year (if they want me to) I have been going a little crazy with crochet Christmas Decorations since my post about handmade Christmas Decor, which I will show you all later.



  1. It looks like glorious fun! I hope it does become an annual event.

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

    1. Hopefully, I mean, it can only get bigger and better, right?