Friday, 18 December 2015

Christmas Crochet Garland Tutorial with pattern links

Since posting about my picks for hand-made Christmas Decorations, I have been going crazy with the Christmas Crocheting.

It all started with the Granny Tree pattern from The Royal Sisters, then I looked on Pinterest for an easy crocheted snowflake pattern and found this one by Sarah London

Then came these gorgeous little stars, using this pattern and made from a lovely vintage yarn with a gold metallic thread running through it.

Trying to think of other Christmas-sy motifs to hang on my garland I found this cute pattern for Gingerbread girls and boys. I left the detailing off mine to keep it simple. Apologies for the shocking photo quality (worse than usual) my tablet really isn't good for close up shots.

At this point I really felt like I needed something red to add to the mix, and not wanting to fuss about with anything fiddly like holly berries or candy canes, I chose this lovely simple Granny Square Heart pattern from Ravelry

I strung them together in a repeating pattern, on a crocheted chain. On each end I had 75 chain stitches and between each ornament I used 15 chain stitches. Each ornament was attached using a double crochet. I used a strange silver metallic yarn I purchased discounted at Big W a few years ago that I had no idea what I could use it for, so I am glad I finally found a use for it.

It even looks nice strung up at work. I have only just noticed
I managed to line up the snowflake underneath the Scenic
Tours Christmas brochure with snowflakes on the front, ha!

Each little ornament makes up very quickly, and is a small project I can work on during lunch at work, and even while I was away on a cruise, so is a great use of my time and makes an easy gift for a friend who likes hand-made decor (I have already given 2 in Secret Santas) Plus I have made an extra long one for myself, I'm just not sure where I am going to hang it yet.

I would love to know if anyone else has made a crocheted garland for Christmas (or any other time of year)



  1. Such a pretty garland! I will need to add it to next years Christmas crafting plans. I have already overloaded myself wih this years, too few days, too much to do!!!

    1. I know what you mean! I have the family over tomorrow and I'm so not ready!