Monday, 19 January 2015

My Past Week and New Fabric!!!

It has been a bit of a long week.

Along with my regular work hours and sewing work, the husband and I have also finally got round to taking down the christmas lights, decorations and tree. And there was a lot of lights..... I also had a job interview for a full time travel job on Wednesday,  which I still dont know if I was successful in getting, I guess I will know sometime this week. After the interview, we went to the in laws place in Merewether, had a few drinks as the sun set and then dinner.

Clouds lighting up with the sunset above Merewether

I also attempted a bit of a clean up of my sewing room, and changed out the boring brown curtains for some cute cupcake ones I had hidden in the linen cupboard. I also managed to squeeze in my new vintage sewing machine and its table in the corner (which I'm not supposed to use until my birthday in July)

My sewing space

I also rediscovered a UFO from last year. A Mickey and Minnie mouse cross stitch Wedding announcement. So I will be attempting to finish it off soon, even if I can only spare a few minutes before bed each night to work on it.

And, as if I didnt have enough fabric already, after I saw Beccie, from Sew Retro Rose, post a pic Friday of some flamingo print rayon she purchased from spotlight, I just had to have some and rushed off on Saturday to buy it. I managed to get the last 5m of flamingo print, as well as 1m of hot pink rayon for contrast. I'm hoping I will have enough to make a hawaiian shirt for hubby, and a dress for myself.

As I was trying to leave the shop with my purchases, I spotted this gorgeous black fabric with white kitties and hearts print on the sale rack. It's lovely and slinky and just so slightly sheer, I thought it would make a cute valentines day dress, with an A-line skirt and fluttery sleeves (if I can find the time) so I went back to the cutting counter. At $5 per meter, I thought I could afford 4m. The lady cuts the fabric and scans the barcode. "That comes to $8"...... what??? It was actually down to $2 per meter, but hadnt been marked yet. So naturally I took the other 8m left on the roll too. I joked with my husband on the drive home that I would have enough of this fabric to make a whole weekend wardrobe out of it to take with us for our valentines weekend away (but I definitely wouldnt have enough time to sew all of that) I do think I will have to make a nightie or pyjamas from this fabric as well though.

I have now begun cutting out a drafted up version of a dress from a 1951 Australian Home Journal. This was one of the patterns for my vintage pattern pledge, however, as I am not making it out of stash fabric, I'm not sure whether it counts....

But for now, I should get back to working on the new line of clothes for Elsie George Boutique.


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