Tuesday, 14 February 2017

A comfy underwear set

A month or so ago, I kept seeing a new free soft bra pattern being posted in numerous Facebook sewing groups, so when I happened to pick up some 95%cotton 5% elastane jersey knit fabric from Big W on clearance for $5, I thought it was about time I gave it a go. The free pattern is the "Lovesick Bra" from George and Ginger, and can be found on their site, with the rest of their free patterns.  If you like a boyleg undie, George and Ginger also have a free pattern for those, as part of the "I heart you" set.

To make my matching undies, I chose to use the bikini bottom pattern from Golden Rippy's Mykonos collection, but adding about 1 inch in height to make it slightly high waisted (better for holding the jibbly bits in) There are also tons of free underwear patterns online you could use for your own version, I just chose this one as I had made them previously and liked the fit.

I chose to cut out the size 20 DD cup and back pieces, with the size 18 band and straps, working from the pattern's measurement chart, as well as the XXL in the bikini bottoms, with an extra inch height at the top. After cutting all my required pieces out, I had only used a bit more than half, so I should be able to get another pair of undies out of it, or another set, in a smaller size for someone else. If your measurements are smaller than mine, you may be able to squeeze out 2 sets for yourself out of 1 meter.

I didn't take any progress shots at all, as both items were quite straight forward. I did add a piece of 1" wide elastic to the bra band, but other than that made it straight from the pattern. Unfortunately, the bra has ended up a bit big, and lacking in any support. This seems to be a fairly common complaint I have seen from larger ladies who have used this pattern, so if you plan on using it yourself, I would highly recommend measuring the pattern pieces and sizing down. I did realise mine was looking a little too big after I sewed the darts in the front cup pieces, but decided to forge ahead and finish it anyway.

I figure I can now wear these as pajamas, especially on hot evenings, like some of the scorchers we have been having recently.

Other than the sizing issue, I have also found that I do not like the placement of the darts closest to the center front, as they seem to poke out at an odd place. Perhaps this is due to the bra being to big and not supportive enough, or maybe just due to my naturally wide set breasts (just like Marilyn Monroe had) I shall have to make a smaller version to test see, and perhaps move their placement.

I may or may not add a modeled photo at a later date, but for now, I cannot be bothered.

Anyone else tried the Lovesick Bra? how did it work for you?


P.S. Happy Valentines day my Dear Readers!


  1. Love the print! They really do look perfect for pyjamas in this hot weather.

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

    1. Thanks, I toss and turn a lot, so these are perfect as they don't twist around and strangle me in my sleep.....