Saturday, 10 December 2016

A quick Lil Poncho!

On a recent trip to Spotlight, I spied some of the new Mexican Poncho fabric in the remnants bin. It was a reasonable size, almost a meter, so I grabbed it. 

Mexican Poncho Fabric from Spotlight

Although I had other projects to work on, as soon as I got home, I hemmed both of the cut edges (leaving the selvedges as is) which then made me think it wouldn't take very long to sew in a quick neckline facing. I found a scrap of calico amongst my scraps, and cut out a rough shape, overlocked around the outside edge, then pinned and sewed it onto the center of the right side of my fabric.

Facing sewn on
The Inside of the neckline was then cut away, leaving a reasonable seam allowance, as the loose weave of the poncho fabric frays quite easily, and the curves clipped. I didn't clip as closely as I normally would, again because of the loose weave.

Neckline trimmed and clipped
I then turned the neckline to the inside and pressed it.

Turning the facing inside and pressing
You could leave it at this point, but I hate facings that creep out of your neckline, so I top stitched mine into place.

Top stitching the facing in place
I put it onto my mannequin for a quick look, and realised it was a bit shorter than I was hoping.

On the mannequin
But I still think it looked pretty cute on, just maybe not over this dress.

On Me!!!
I'm now thinking of adding some fringing to the bottom edges, but fringing can be pretty expensive, so I had a look, and discovered I could crochet my own looped fringing! Now to find some suitable thread!



  1. So cute!! Pom Pom trim would also be cute and probably cheaper than fringe!

    1. That's a great idea! I started crocheting some fringing, but it has taken me hours just to do a few inches, so I might rip it out and sew pom pom trim on instead. Fairly certain I have some somewhere.....