Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Kurri Kurri Nostalgia Festival 2016

Just like I do every year, I attended the Kurri Kurri Nostalgia Festival.

This year I unfortunately did not have enough time to sew myself a new outfit like I normally do, as I was hard at work sewing up dresses for Elsie George Boutique, but I did end up wearing a sample of that dress on the Saturday, which was a great way to advertise the newest addition to our range. For the Sunday, I wore my Pink Gingham shirtwaister, as I needed to cover up my sunburn from the previous day (oops) and now it looks like that might be the next design in the new Elsie George range.

I was super excited for this year's festival, as Rachel had been able to secure the stunning Teer Wayde as a guest judge on behalf of Elsie George. As I plus size girl myself, I'm sure you can appreciate how awesome it was to hang out with such a gorgeous plus size model for the weekend.

Teer and I on the Saturday
Rachel and I on the Sunday
The smallest face of Elsie George, strutting her stuff in her
popcorn skirt
I know, not a great shot....

All the pretty Elsie George brand clothing!

Here are a few aerial shots taken by Krystal Sellars from the Cessnock Advertiser (our local paper)

Unfortunately, this weekend marks the end of the Elsie George store in Cessnock, HOWEVER this just means we will have more time and effort to put into our Elsie George brand, which will be available online, with the possibility of personal fittings at a Cessnock location, by appointment only.

We have some pretty huge things in the works, so I am looking forward to sharing all those with you.


Here are a few more photos from my friend Mae

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