Monday, 15 February 2016

A Glimpse in my Vintage Pattern stash

Seeing as I have not been able to post as frequently as I would like to, I thought I might share a bit of eye candy from my Vintage Pattern stash. I have been working on a few projects that I will be sharing with you at a later date, and a few things for Elsie George that I cannot share.

To start off with, here are 3 patterns from an Enid Gilchrist book full of Self-Draft Patterns for Women and Teenagers. While these are the draft at home yourself type pattern, and are only listed in one size, they are fairly simple, should you wish to grade them up or down to other sizes.

As many of you will be aware by now, I love Vintage Australian Home Journals. Here are a couple of the earliest ones from my stash

And here are some assorted patterns in envelopes, including a few home journal patterns, which would have been ordered separately and not come free in one of the magazines. I have again tried to focus on some of the earlier patterns in my stash, mostly being late 40's early 50's

While I certainly don't have a huge vintage pattern stash like some, I have a fairly reasonable size stash. I would say this is about 1/4 of my pre 70's patterns, but of course I have plenty of newer and reproduction patterns as well. Vintage patterns have the added challenge of needing to be graded up, so sometimes it's easy for me to overlook them when deciding on a pattern to sew up, but I will be trying very hard to use more of them this year.

Do you have a favourite from the above patterns? Is there anything you think I should make as part of my vintage pattern pledge?



  1. Oh I'm in love with those Enid Gilchrist dresses!
    And thanks for the look at the Australian Home Journals. Interesting. I've never enountered the magazines personally, I hope I do soon!

    1. The Home Journals are the best, once you start collecting them, it's hard to stop. I try now to only buy ones that have patterns with unique details that I don't have in other patterns

  2. The Australian home journals are gorgeous. You have some lovely patterns there, lots of great collars ;o)

  3. Such a bevy of yesteryear fashion awesomeness. The covers of those Australian Ladies Home Journals are downright gorgeous. Thank you for sharing so many inspiring glimpses from your pattern stash with us, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you so much for the comment :) I love Australian Home Journals, they are my biggest pattern weakness

  4. Awesome share
    Hugs from the states ❤️