Friday, 1 January 2016

Round up of my 2015 Vintage pattern pledge makes

I really enjoyed participating in the 2015 Vintage pattern Pledge. Although I set myself a fairly low goal of 4 vintage makes, I stipulated that each had to be from a genuine vintage pattern and made from fabric that I already had in my stash.

Firstly at the beginning of the year I made this Maudella Blouse from a Vintage pattern and some stash fabric which was gifted to me last year.

Number 2 was my cute Border Print Dress, which was made with fabric from my stash, but a borrowed vintage pattern

Number 3 was my pleated floral dress that I made and wore for Kurri Nostalgia festival this year it was made from a Home Journal pattern and some country garden floral cotton from Lincraft that had been in my stash for about 3 year.

Number 4 was the White and Pink Sundress made from a 1949 Home Journal and a queen size bed sheet.

Which meant I had reached my goal early, Yay! But by no means was that a reason to stop.

I initially wasn't sure I should include this one, as the fabric had not been in my stash very long, but I love it so much I'm including it as my 5th make anyway. Made with an Anne Adams pattern and quilting cotton picked up on sale from spotlight at $2 per meter.

Many of you will be aware of the Sun Frock Sew-Along I hosted back in November. The pattern was from a 1949 Australian Home journal. I made mine using a lovely soft floral fabric from my stash.

So all up, that got me to 6 finished Vintage Pattern Pledge makes.

I had hoped to include a gorgeous 1940's frock made with green velvet to my list, however, partway through the construction, the skirt and I had a disagreement, so it's currently in the naughty corner until I have the motivation to unpick stretch panne velvet

All in all I'm pretty happy with the outcome of my 2015 Vintage Pattern Pledge, I know I chose a safe number, so this might push me to pledge even more next year. My count would have been much higher if I didn't stipulate in my specific pledge to use fabrics from my stash and true vintage patterns, but I knew that would help me not use it as an excuse to purchase more fabric, when I have such a large stash of wonderful fabrics already.

I think next year I might even step it up again and aim for 8 makes from vintage patterns and stash fabric.

Anyone else looking forward to the 2016 Vintage Pattern Pledge?



  1. Well done on exceeding your pledge target! I like that you combined it with using stash fabrics - that seems to be very much in keeping with the vintage ethos.

    I won't be doing the pledge next year (ack, I mean this year - it's 2016 already!) but I do have a goal of my own in mind. It should be a huge challenge but a lot of fun. Hopefully. Good luck with your goal for 2016. :D

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

    1. Thank you Katie. I mostly do the pledge because it already works in with what I normally sew, and I usually forget to email through my makes for the pinterest board/monthly round ups, so I'm mostly doing for myself anyway. I look forward to seeing what you get up to this year :)

  2. You have done a brilliant job with your makes! So inspiring!!! I particularly love your yellow Anne Adams sun dress. Super pretty. And u really enjoyed your sew along this year too. Can't wait to see what you are up to in 2016. Happy new year.

    1. Thanks Christina, I loved everything you made as well. Hopefully 2016 will be bigger and better, Happy New Year!

  3. Such a lovely roundup ~ my favourite is your pink floral dress ~ the pleating on the skirt is too gorgeous!! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill