Monday, 30 November 2015

Miss Dixie's picks for a hand-made Christmas - Decorations

Hello Lovelies! As promised here is Part 2 of my Hand-made Christmas Series, today, we are looking at decorations for your Home and Tree

Photo from Pinterest
Crochet Christmas tree Garland
This is a project on my to do list this year (but we'll see if I find the time...) The crochet pattern for the trees is from The Royal Sisters and it has been strung together on what looks like a chain stitch of white yarn, but you could easily use plain ribbon, or twine or anything that suits your decor.

Found here on Etsy
Also from Etsy

Red & White felt ornaments
I love the look of red and white felt ornaments. Last year I made my own version of the above cat shaped ornaments by cutting out of 2 layers of felt, putting a bid of wadding in the middle and blanket stitching around the outside in the contrasting colour. But really, any simple shape, out of either red or white, with the opposite colour used for some embroidery or just the blanket stitch around the outside, look stunning, and have a lovely vintage appeal to them.

Half eaten Gingerbread man
This has to be one of the cutest tree ornaments ever. I made mine some years ago using the free pattern from Elsie Marley, and had a lot of fun customising them for friends. Some had hats and bow ties, other's dresses, and one even had fangs and wings. I only have my plain little one left to show you, but don't be afraid to personalise your's to suit.

After a felt ornament that is a little less traditional, but still very, very cute? How about these Adorable Deer and Fox Ornaments? The pattern is FREE and can be found here on the Cutesy Crafts blog (and there's more to be found on the blog, so look around)

Photo and Free Pattern from Sew like my Mom

I know Christmas stockings aren't as much of a big thing here in Australia as they are in other countries. I myself had a santa sack as a child, as it fits way more presents. But for those more Traditional people, there is a certain appeal to a well made stocking hanging from a Mantle (or in my case. a hanging rack I made to sit on a windowsill) They are very easy to make, even beginner seamstresses could manage it, and you can make them as plain or as ornate as you like. I currently have cheapo sequin stockings from the reject shop with all our names (with one each for all 3 kitties) added to the cuff with felt, but if I find the time, I may upgrade to some nice hand-made ones.

Tutorial here

A Decorating staple in many homes at Christmas time is the humble wreath. I recently saw an adorable one posted on facebook by Va-Voom Vintage and it reminded me of a tutorial for a similar one I saw some years ago, that I wanted to make, but never got around to. So a bit of internet research (read: googling) later and I found it! The full tutorial can be found here. I'm pretty sure I saw some foam wreath forms last week at one of my local op-shops for about 10c but didn't buy them, but now I'm thinking I need to go back and buy them all (if they are still there) Seeing as I recently nabbed a bunch of vintage-y type ornaments that were for sale at my church, that I can use to decorate my own vintage bauble wreath.

Beccie from Sew Retro Rose's Dining table
The Santa hats were made for her by her mum!

If you truly want to go all out with your Christmas decorating how about Santa hats for your chairs? The ones in the above photo were handmade by a friend's mum, but I found this tutorial online if you want to try your hand at making your own. To see the rest of Beccie's Christmas Decorating, check out this post from 2013

Photo from Craftiness is not optional

Of course if the chair hats are too fabric heavy for your budget you could always try some of these adorable stocking cutlery holders, with a free pattern and tutorial which you can find here, along with heaps of other tutorials and patterns for Christmas and for other times of the year too. I'm sorely tempted to make some, but my family Christmas gathering is more of an informal BBQ, rather than a formal sit down meal, so they probably wouldn't get used. I've also seen some very cute knitted versions as well, but I'm a pretty slow knitter......

From Sew Craft Jess

If you are up for a little bit of math, you could make your own festive Christmas Tree Skirt using this great tutorial. I made my own very simple gold tree skirt last year, but I've seen so many beautiful intricately detailed ones since then, I wouldn't mind making another one that isn't so plain.

Only time will tell if I will be able to get any of this stuff made for myself this year, with all the gifts I have to make, I really should have gotten started earlier. Do any of you guys have plans to make any hand made decorations?

Happy Holiday Crafting!



  1. So cute! I'm so excited to start christmas crafting! Thanks for the inspiration :)

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! I actually found some time this morning to crochet a few of those little trees, and they have turned out so darling!