Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sew Retro Rose's Capelet Sew-Along! I'm in! (and late)

Beccie from Sew Retro Rose is hosting yet another Sew-Along, following the incredible success of her Swirl Sew-Along last year. This time around, we are all sewing this Capelet from Decades of Style

As I only work part-time (at 2 jobs) and have a mortgage and bills to pay, I almost gave this one a miss, as the pattern was a little expensive for me, and had to be shipped from the US (which adds to the price again) Luckily, someone I know in the sew-along group (who shall remain nameless) selflessly let me borrow her pattern to trace so I wouldn't miss out. Yay for Sewing Sisters! As this was in January, and some time before the Sew-along would officially start, I made sure I put my copy of the pattern away safely......... A little too safely unfortunately. Beccie started posting the Sew-along steps on February 12, and I couldn't find where I had put the pattern! I searched my sewing room several times, pulling the wardrobe, sewing cabinet, cutting table and pattern filing cabinet apart each time, to no avail! Then, just as I had almost given up hope of participating in the Sew-along, my In-laws gave the husband and I a thoughtful present of 6x4 prints of all our wedding photos. What does this have to do with my sewing pattern you ask? Well, as thoughtful as this gift was (and it sure was) I don't think they knew we had already printed out around 100 of our wedding photos (roughly 1/5 of the lot) and had them in our photo album at home, in my sewing room. A few days later I was looking at the photo prints they gave us, and went and got our existing album to see which ones we had in it and which ones we didn't. Right there, between the pages, was my missing capelet pattern!


So by this point, Beccie had already posted the first 4 steps/posts of the Sew-along, and I still hadn't chosen my fabric yet! So I had a good long stare at (the accessible portion of) my Fabric stash and decided on a lovely dark red Fabric with a beautiful soft drapey feel to it that I purchased from a central coast op-shop on a weekend away

There is about 4m of it, so I will hopefully have enough left over to make a matching skirt or trousers. I realise it is very similar to the red that Beccie is using to make one of her capelets (to which she has added the most divine black lace trim) but I wasn't trying to copy, I swear!

Before I even managed to Finish this post, Beccie has already posted part 5 through 7 of the Sew-Along, so that is all the steps, and now I only have until April 6th to finish! Good thing I have some time off work coming up!



  1. Annoying as it was, it IS kind of sweet it ended up in your wedding photo album :-)

    Hey, red is just such a classic, I'm sure Beccie will agree, it's hard to go past, isn't it!

    1. I guess it is kinda sweet.

      It is a bit of a coincidence I ended up with Red, I just happen to have a lot of it in my stash and got this fabric quite cheap from an op shop. I love the colour Red!!!