Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Let's try this again.....

So I tried my hand at this blogging stuff well over a year ago, and after 5 posts, gave up (or got distracted, lol) I had hoped to make 1 garment a week so that I could slowly convert my wardrobe to mostly handmade, vintage style clothes. Unfortunately I have not achieved this yet. However I did get Married:
Of Course I made the Dress and The Jacket (including all this painstakingly hand beaded lace)

And I went to Europe on our Honeymoon:

And are only just now getting back into the swing of things at home (poor Hubby has been struck down with a chest infection) I did quickly whip up this dress last week (sorry for the bad photo):

The Pattern, for anyone interested, is the Elizabeth Dress from Spit up and Stilletos  http://www.spitupandstilettos.com/ a charming little site with sewing patterns for purchase as well as a blog with sew-alongs and yummy recipes. The Fabric is a fabulous Vintage Floral Rayon feel fabric that I picked up while at the 50's Fair at Rose Seidler House back in August. I'm hoping to make another one of these dresses in some leopard print cotton I have, as I wore this to church and all day Sunday, and it was very comfortable, plus it got me quite a few compliments!

While I don't think I have the discipline to commit to making 1 garment a week for a year, I will try again with this blog, and to post as much of my sewing capers, other bits of interest, and perhaps a few tutorials along the way. With Christmas coming up (way too soon, I'm so not ready!) My sewing will probably turn to toys and decorations, but who knows?


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